dark skies review

“Time doesn’t change people, Highness. What happens to them while it passes does.”

Dark Skies follows Lydia (Teriana’s BFF), scholar and adopted daughter of the patrician family Valerius. Her father’s position gives him a seat in the Senate, which is the body that governs Celendor. Marked for death by murder, she flees by way of xenthier path (think: portal). Lydia is the opposite of damsel in distress. She’s no fighter, but she’s a warrior in her own way. She made a mistake. She was careless and it cost people their lives. She must go back to rectify it. How will she make it back? The old rock and a hard place dilemma.

Killian Calorian is a Marked One. Woe to those who dare cross paths with the Dark Horse of House Calorian. Disgraced after failing to keep Mudamora safe from the Corrupted, Lord Calorian swears his sword to protect the crown princess, Malahi. The only way for Killian to redeem himself is by winning the war and driving back the Corrupted One, Rufina, the Queen of Derin.

With Mudamora under siege, Killian strikes a deal with Lydia and the pair (Lydian) work together to save the people they love. The duo share a weight of guilt and they’re two peas in a pod. Truths are revealed and loyalties questioned. Will the sacrifices be worth it in the end?

I love this series! There’s a scene where princess Malahi is very much a queen, but then she be meddling. Oh, no she didn’t! Nobody mess with my OTP. Adore Lydia! Several scenes that made me feel for her. But she’s clever. Fierce! Selfless! Tough cookie. And the dashing Killian Calorian. So chivalrous. The last 100 pages are unputdownable and the ending is insert any exclamation phrase. And the ending is also immediately opens amazon app to preorder Gilded Serpent. Dark Skies is a YA fantasy series, bridging a dozen nations with various cultures, races, and religions. Fantasy fanatics, this series is for you!

For Mudamora and the Six!

song: Gannicus V. Cesar by Joseph Loduca

The 411 : Dark Shores and Dark Skies are parallel stories, meaning you can read in any order. Mariana (Marcus + Teriana) and Lydian’s (Lydia + Killian) stories will converge in the third book, Gilded Serpent.