London prep: book three review

“I’ve taken someplace unfamiliar and made it into a home. And I think that’s special. It’s really special.”

If you’ve read book two, then you KNOW how it ends. Book three picks up with the last line! 👏🏼THE. 👏🏼LAST. 👏🏼LINE! 😱

It is the final week of Miss America’s exchange in London. CRYING! 😭 Harry Brooks is still smitten and Noah is fond of Mallory too. Harry wants their relationship to progress; however, is he truly ready? He’s got a first class ticket on the hot mess express 🚂 regarding his family. His life is a complicated 🙈 mess. But 💣 BOMBS 💣 be dropped in LP3!


🥰 I nominate myself as president of the Noah William’s Fan Club! 🥰 JK. I’ll share the duties with all the Team Noah ladies. 😉 Mal and Noah have been dancing around each other like magnets. Noah is all grumpy and brooding and deep. And he’s also super thoughtful. Noah and Mal have some precious moments and some that will leave you SCREAM TYPING to your book bestie (Thanks, Joee- Team Noah).

You WILL feel a RANGE of emotions while reading this story: jealousy, heart break, boiling anger, frustration, sadness, joy, hope. Jillian does an AMAZING job keeping you on-your-toes-HOOKED! 👏🏼 I literally cannot fathom how she can write a story that evokes so much emotion. 👍🏼Props! Big ups, Jillian! 👏🏼 You’ll experience strong feelings for the characters in this story. There are scenes that will have you looking at your chest wondering if it has cracked open. I highly suggest googling “defibrillator for sale” because you will absolutely need a shock to your heart! That cliff hanger! 😱😭 I’m SHOOK! Reeling! 😱 How do I go on with my life? I don’t want to see Mal leave these three boys (don’t forget Mohammad- he’s a good friend!). Tears! 🥺London Prep: Book Three is full of drama, angst, first love, and London adventures. I’m desperate for the conclusion! LP4! 👏🏼🇬🇧

BIG, huge, thanks to Jillian Dodd for allowing me to peruse an advanced reader copy. I cannot wait to squeeze hug the physical book! 🤟🏼

🎶 song: Storms by Mr. Carter Davis 🎶

Initial reaction 8/28/2020:

Brb. I’m dead inside. 1-800-235-DEAD.💀

london prep review

“I’m not sure if it’s all of it or none of it, but something has me feeling like I’m about to jump off a cliff- and I have no idea if I’m going to fall or fly.”

BINGE BOOK! Right here ☝🏼 Follow New Yorker, Mallory James, to 🇬🇧 London 🇬🇧 as she immerses herself into a new culture at Kensington School. She’s the hottest new bird and the recent exchange-student is bound to cause drama. In fact, if her time in London was a book, drama would be its theme. Don’t worry, she has Mohammad, a true gentleman, to guide her through the hostile and hormonal battlefield that is high school. Mal becomes part of the boy’s club: Harry, Noah, and Mohammad are all best mates. Harry meets her first at a local 🍻 pub. He’s the perfect combination of put together yet adorably undone. He looks like trouble. But he looks like fun. Harry is rich and preppy, but he’s hiding behind his outgoing personality. He has some DEEP hurts. Will he let Mallory in? 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ Noah is the lad in the room next door. Her host family. He’s like chiseled, Roman statue hot. He is intense. And kind of rude. But also has this odd sense of humor that’s sort of funny. Noah does nothing by accident. Both boys are quite charming 🥰. And don’t forget… Best. Mates. Yet It’s more than that… They thrive off each other. Don’t get confused, Miss America! There’s one heavy scene where you’ll FEEL anger and jealousy. Sadness and heartbreak. Dah! I DEMOLISHED this story. So many What. Just. Happened. Moments! 👏🏼 I am (underline, italicize, bold) besotted with Jillian Dodd’s characters. I’m certain she’s proficient in British slang. I can hear Harry and Noah’s adorable accents! And a tricky love triangle that was my JAM! London Prep is bloody good fun! Mates! You gotta let me know who you ship! I’m rooting for a certain dish! You’ll desperately need book two ready because the ending is 😱 high-pitch screech!

🎶 song: London Boy by Taylor Swift 🎶