kitty valentine dates a fireman review

“How neat things are in my books-in romance books on the whole. We guarantee a happy ending. That’s one of the tenets of romance. There has to be a happy ending. Real life? That’s a whole other beast.” 

I adore Kitty Valentine! She’s a drama queen and a good person and sweet and loving. And continuing to write on-trend romance for her next best seller. Okay, inspiration. Kitty needs to pen the hero of her current book… Speaking of which, Hayley has the spinner all ready and waiting. SQUEAL! The subsequent trope reveals….drum roll….A firefighter! 👨🏻‍🚒 There’s something painfully masculine and rugged and generally hot 🔥 about a firefighter. And guess who just so happens to know where to find an entire roomful of likely firefighters to choose from? Kitty’s salty and sassy grandmother. Where? At a bachelor charity auction, of course.

Wait. Who is that I see? Matt Ryder! Is that you? Well, you clean up 😍 nicely (huge understatement). I love that we got to see more of him in this story. He’s turning on the charm. He’s a catch! Perfect on paper. Can we get a Kitty Valentine Dates an Investment Manager? *wink* 😉 Back to the auction. With a hefty dose of surprise! Bachelor Bryce Nichols, the bane of Kitty’s humiliating childhood, is chosen for Kitty by her grandmother (one of my fave characters- energetic and sharp-witted) who has everything under control. Sort of. Not really. This isn’t good. Is it possible for a person to turn things around? Is there more to Bryce than what Kitty remembers? Kitty isn’t extremely picky but she’s definitely the queen of over-thinkers. And she needs to learn all things fire fighting in order to base her popular character on. MUST read to find out what happens with ultimate risk taker Bryce and considerate Kitty. The KV series is ideal for rom-com lovers!

BIG thanks to Jillian Dodd for giving me the opportunity to dive into an advanced reader copy. Much love and happy release day!

🎶 song: Only Human by Jonas brothers 🎶