super fake love song review

“I could belong to you,” I said. “You could belong to me,” I said. “We could belong to each other,” I said.”

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done for love? For Sunny Dae, nerd 🤓 extraordinaire, it was faking being the front man of a 👨🏻‍🎤rock band in order to impress a girl. Sunny has one moment in his life that clearly defined him as a loser. This one moment cast his loserdom into cold carbonate.

Sunny saw it all: name-calling, cafeteria tray flipping, body checks. Let me give you a Sunny Dae visual: “glowstick-green vintage Kazaa tee shirt. Cargo shorts the color, and shape, of potatoes.” 🤣 Oh, boy. Well, the Dae family has family friends moving to town. The Soh’s. Sunny landed orientation buddy to Cirrus Soh. Image: “ghostly girl straight out of a Japanese horror movie lurking in the dark beyond.”😳 clutches book harder with both hands. Cirrus is cool. So, so cool. Friends all over the world. Completely dazzled by Cirrus’ kaleidoscopic cosmopolitan ✌🏼cool, and here comes the L-I-E. Sunny takes on a big rock persona and ropes his best-guy friends in. Eek. They did NOT rock. They convulsed. Rock Star Sunny with a thick layer of nerd-tella on top. Does Sunny dial things back from rock star to super mega-nerd or does he get caught in his faking it to be cool?

What a delightful👏🏼 rom-com from David Yoon! Heavy on the 😂com. I LOL so hard at several scenes. “Coach Oldtimer’s real name was We Did Not Care What His Real Name Was.” 😂SNORT! Actual footage of me while reading Super Fake Love Song:

I adored Sunny Dae and Gray Dae. Teeheehee. Sunny day ☀️and Gray day☁️ are a variety of cloud….and brothers. Mad respect for Sunny and his best friends: the three best friends that anyone could ever have. They were a hoot and represented 42.85714268 percent of the entire non-white population of Ruby High. Sunny and Cirrus. 🥰 Just precious! Beautiful nerds. Not one, but TWO grand-gesture moments. 👏🏼Giddy! The music mentioned chefs kiss: Prince, Queen, Foo Fighters, Ramones, Nirvana, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Joan Jett, and more. If you like laughing and music, Super Fake Love Song is for you! Long live rock and roll! 👊🏼

Big thanks to Penguin Teen and David Yoon for the advanced copy! To metal! 🤘🏼

🎶 song: Somebody To Love by Queen 🎶

To listen to all the tunes mentioned in Super Fake Love Song [ click here ] for a reader (that’s me) created playlist.