Twice shy by sarah Hogle

“I think you walked into my life and absolutely ruined it with how beautiful you are. I haven’t gotten a single decent nights rest since we met”

Wesley & Maybell. Twice Shy is sweeter than frosting on a cupcake and anyone who reads it will probably get a second hand toothache and won’t mind it one bit! Wesley is gawky, shy, uncomfortable, and unintentionally charming. Clean up on aisle three! 🫠

I AM WEAK!! Weeeeak. This book is raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens and I need everyone to read it. K thanks love you bye.

-enemies to lovers
-forced proximity
-grumpy x sunshine
-baking donuts
-home reno & art
-meddling great aunt (deceased)
-writing notes
-sweet tea & hot chocolate
-fate & myths
-hotel & animal sanctuary
-trust falls
-mental health rep: social anxiety
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door/fade to black. “His kiss is the Fourth of July, a southern summer night. Circadas and the tongues of smoke off of burning firework-hiss. pop.”

🎶 Song: Happiness by The 1975 🎶

Wild is the witch by rachel griffin

“Wait,” he says his voice quiet and strained. “Tell me something real.” “Something real?” He nods, his head moving up and down against my neck…something about the way I can’t see his face makes me feel brave. “I want to be known by you,” I finally say.

Iris and Pike and a quest to find a meddling cursed owl! Rachel Griffin’s books are vivid, atmospheric, magical, and romantic. She perfectly weaves together magic and nature. Wild is the Witch is a YA fave! (Just like Rachel- FAVE!)

-wild life refuge
-the PNW
-forced proximity
-oh no, you’re wounded! (hurt/comfort)
-there’s only one tent
-curses & secret magic
-KIND bars
-anxiety & asthma rep
-“bicker with Pike mode”
-#IsThisAKissingBook: young adult. “Right now, I can be a girl kissing the boy she likes instead of a witch kissing the boy she cursed.”

Thank you Source Books Fire for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: In the Woods Somewhere by Hozier 🎶

From the jump by Lacie Waldon

“Sometimes I think you and I are opposite sides of the same coin.” “I like that,” he says. “It means you’re stuck with me.”

Lucas Deiss and Olivia Bakersfield (Deiss & Liv). Well this OTP is something precious. Eleven years in the friend zone. BUT he’s been watching her. SO. MUCH. PINING. He is in awe of her and he is an adorable cinnamon roll that romance readers will gobble right up! Check it out!

-found family
-friends to lovers
-forced proximity
-dual timelines
-Cat Stevens the cat
-Durban, South Africa
-trading secrets during an elephant invasion
-eating take out & watching reality TV
-inside jokes
-music industry
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “I like it when I’m working at the counter and he comes over and tilts my chin up to brush his lips against mine.”

Thank you Penguin/Putnam Books for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys 🎶

Lovely war by Julie berry

“Then be a monster,” she said. “Do what you must to survive, so you can come back to me.”

👏🏼 Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show stopping. Spectacular. Totally unique. Never been done before. Outstanding. Heart-fluttering. 👏🏼

Four mortals. Four gods. Two EPIC love stories told by Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, and Hades. Hearts will entwine so completely around this novel. The love and longing. The yearning!!

Sweetness, affection, gratitude. And also the demands and duty of war.

Goodness. The grief is so real. These two couples endure so much. Lovely War leaves you in your FEELINGS!!

Do yourself a favor and read it! I hope you enjoyed this review. I wrote it with my tears.

-love & war
-gods & mortals
-music, art & beauty
-dignity & pride
-loss & trauma
-injury & injustice
-love at first sight
-found family
-#IsThisAKissingBook: young adult. You might die of kiss deprivation but it is well worth the wait.

🎶Song: The War by SYML 🎶

Peanut by Lucy watson

”Neanderthals.” He picks up his beer, raising sharp brows. “I’m part caveman.” Hello, weird turn. My lips twitch. “You’re part caveman?” I repeat in a flat tone that lets him know he’s ridiculous. He gives a caveman grunt and takes a swig of his beer, his eyes glinting with something that frees my trapped smile. “Fine.” I play along with an exaggerated sigh. “What does being a caveman have to do with force-feeding me your steak?” He sets down his beer, wiping his mouth and grinning, and I instantly regret asking. “Simple. My caveman instincts demand that I hunt and feed you. Protect you from saber-tooth tigers. Build fires to keep you warm while I pick lice out of your hair.” He cuts into another piece of steak like he didn’t just say all that. I can’t help but laugh. “Pick lice out of my hair?”

Riley and Nick. Can a book be so cute it hurts? Yes. It can. I LOVE THIS BOOK. I’m going to read it 500 times. Consecutively. It was hilarious. SO swoony. Nicholas, the sweet boy who saves snails from the sidewalk. GOO. If you’re a fan of Sarah Adams’ humor and a good slow burn a la Mariana Zapata, you MUST read Peanut.

Lucy Watson’s sophomore novel (and Nick) did a double pirouette on my heart!

-stepbrothers best friend
-childhood crush
-friends to lovers
-ballet dancer x tattoo artist
-underneath his tough tattooed exterior is a soft marshmallow (he also wears Clark Kent glasses!!!)
-Daisy the pit bull, hellhound who rivals a silverback gorilla
-a family of fur babies
-sugar coffee & Cocoa Puffs
-Taco Bell
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “It wasn’t an accidental lip brush—it was a lip-brush kiss. I think.” And we got nose boops people!!!

🎶 Song: River by Bishop Briggs 🎶

The bodyguard by Katherine center

“When you’re not around, even for a little while, I feel like I have to go find out. I just feel this pull to be near you. I want to know what you’re thinking, what you’re up to, and how you feel.”

Jack and Hannah. Goodness me oh my. sighs I ADORE THIS STORY! Jack and Hannah just about killed me. Like, I almost died from delight. My favorite Katherine Center! Jack is the ultimate cinnamon roll hero. THE kindest. Tender. Something precious. SWOON.

Romance readers are going to have to peel themselves off the floor. GOO. I have a million highlights and notes. The Bodyguard is a MUST read. A necessity. A book to annotate. BUY IT!!

the only answer is YES.

-reverse executive protection agent
-famous actor
-fake dating (!!!)
-forced proximity
-nightgowns a la Victorian child
-oh no, you’re wounded! (hurt/comfort)
-fake crying & staring contests
-beaded safety pins
-dancing in the kitchen
-piggy back rides
-cinnamon gum & cinnamon rolls
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “A good kiss eclipses everything else. Everything except touch and longing and each other. And this was one hell of a good kiss.”

Thank you SMP Romance for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Dream a Little Dream of Me by Anne Reburn 🎶

Always be my duchess by Amalie Howard

“‘Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same,'” she whispered. “What’s that?” “You don’t recognize your favorite book? For shame, Your Grace, it’s Wuthering Heights.”…”We’re the same, you and I.”

Lysander and Genevieve. The stoic and stone cold duke (read: gargoyle) and the fiery, passionate ballerina. He is the moon and she is the sun. He is winter and she is summer. A delightful romcom from Amalie Howard. If you are a fan of historical fiction, Pretty Woman, and Bridgerton, Always Be My Duchess will be a hit!

-musician & ballerina
-grumpy x sunshine
-fake dating
-“I hate everyone but you”
-neurodivergent hero
-strong, fierce, & true to herself heroine
-charming secondary characters
-opposites attract
-ROTFL banter!!
-music & art
-le papillion
-Wuthering Heights
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

Thank you Forever Publication for an advanced copy!

Song: Butterly by Vitamin String Quartet

A curse of blood & stone by ka tucker

“Please tell me it isn’t your heart that continues to stay your blade.” “My heart is no longer a hostage in Aoife’s scheme. We cannot win this war without the key caster. She is too useful to use alive.”

Zander & Romeria. A Curse of Blood & Stone picks up right where Fate & Flame 1 leaves off: escaping death! SO much action and adventure. World building that is round of applause. Hearts will be skipping a beat and aching with longing right along with our OTP. Romeria is such a BAWSE. Zander is super swoony. Fate & Flame 2 is a page turner and readers will be rooting for this OTP! And then chanting book three! Book three! I’ll be reading F&F3!

AND! Eden & Jarek?? Spin off?? Definitely need MORE of them. There’s Easter eggs!! I need them together!

-dual POV
-danger & darkness
-elemental magic
-court intrigue
-apple picking
-oh no! You’re wounded (hurt/comfort)
-lovable secondary characters: Elisaf, Gesine, and Jarek
-things that lurk
-blunt admissions of love
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

Thank you Valentine PR for an advanced copy!

🎶Song: Heavy In Your Arms by Florence + The Machine 🎶

In a New York minute by kate Spencer

”You have to know by now,” he said, running his other hand over my thigh, “that at my core I’m pathetically romantic and mushy, right?”

Franny and Hayes. She loses her job and the clothes off her back. He comes in to save the day! The world’s worst meet-cute turns into a subway love connection! Fashion disaster leads to romance with mystery man on the Q! One small moment sets off a chain of events like fireworks.

Hayes is so awkward that it’s oddly charming. Adorable. Chiseled, nerdy perfection. Protect him at all costs! A very Nora Ephron style romcom perfect for fans of Love Lettering and To Sir, with Love.

-dual pov
-opposites attract
-art & design
-stoic x sunshine
-gelato & Italian ice & pizza
-New York City: the magic of the Brooklyn Bridge
-Moonstruck & Grease
-getting caught in a rain storm
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door-ish/fade to black. “Time didn’t so much stop, but rather sped forward, blasting me off to space and backed down to earth again.”

Thank you forever pub for a finished copy!

🎶 Song: Happy Accidents by Saint Motel 🎶

American Royalty by Tracey Livesay

“Danielle Nelson,” he breathed, as if inhaling her name into his soul. “You’re divine.”

Jay and Dani. She’s an award winning hip hop artist. He’s the royal highness Prince Jameson Alistair Richard Lloyd, the Duke of Wessex. American Royalty is perfect for fans of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle. Tessa Bailey fans will want this book on their TBR!

-grumpy, loathe to love
-NYC x London setting
-forced proximity
-court intrigue
-pretty woman, notting hill, four weddings and a funeral
-great uk baking championship
-a benefit concert
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

Thank you Avon books for an advanced copy.

🎶 Song: Super Bass by Nicki Minaj 🎶