the inheritance games review

“Dearest Avery, I’m Sorry. -T.T.H.”

Ok. Thank you, Joee for making me go to B&N to grab this gripping story for #BNYABookClub

TIG. was. FAN-faxing-tastic. See, what I did there? Gosh, I loved Max. She was a HOOT! 😂

A Cinderella story mash up with Knives Out. SOLD. Avery Grambs is our Cinderella. She was invisible for so long…wallpaper… but now she is the biggest story in the world. Billionaire, Tobias Hawthorne, leaves the remainder of his estate, including all properties, monetary assets, and worldly possessions to her. Not his family. Her. Avery. They don’t even know each other. Or do they?

In order to receive said inheritance, Avery must live inside Hawthorne House (HH) for one year. However, Hawthorne family still resides in the mansion. Grayson Hawthorne thinks Avery is a con-woman and he’s not happy about it. Jameson Hawthorne thinks Avery is their grandfathers last brain-teaser and the pair assess the clues together. Except HH is a tiny bit hard to navigate. Imagine, that a labyrinth had a baby with Where’s Waldo?, and Waldo is the rooms. So Avery has to play along to survive and there’s nothing more Hawthorne than winning.

WHEW! What a ride! I was on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting for some resolution. Alright, there’s a little love triangle that’s totally reminiscent of the Salvatore brother love triangle.

I’m here for it!! I adore Jamie and Gray! I’m torn. Brooding Gray or thrill-seeker Jamie? DAH! Chalk one up for Jennifer Lynn Barnes! Brilliant! Intriguing! Clever! Mind-blowing! The Inheritance game is a necessity if you like mystery, brain-teasers, puzzles, and suspense. Traps upon traps. Riddles upon riddles. Twists and turns! 😱 A story about a world of wealth and privilege. Be warned: there is a cliff hanger! I need the sequel! GAH! Answers please. WHY!

🎶 song: Secret by The Pierces 🎶

the other side of the sky review

“I believe the prophecy brought us together. North, this is our destiny.”

North is the Prince of the Seven Isles, second in line to the throne of Alciel, and a Guardian of the Light. His home in the cloudlands is powered by technology. Prince North wants to contribute to the kingdom by piloting his glider to study Below in order to see what else is out there- he desires to explore. Nimhara is the last living goddess to walk the land, Below. She puts purpose before feeling and is magnetic in a way that is undeniable. But she is living this torture of a half-life. She is always alone. To touch her is the greatest hurt and strips her of her divinity. The North and Nimh’s lives are intertwined. Nimh believes this boy is the messenger. Or he IS the message. And maybe, just maybe, she isn’t fated to walk Below alone after all. They’re linked by a prophecy and caught between duty and destiny. Whether the Nimh’s vision is right about the OTP or not they’re in this together now. Will the pair choose to save their people or succumb to the bond that is forbidden between them?

I loved the bindle cat. 🐱 Meow! “What IS that?” He’s just an ordinary, normal cat; however, to North, the cat is a mysterious creature. There are NO animals in the sky. “Captain Fluffypants”. You know that line from Mean Girls…

That’s the duo. They don’t know a thing about each others home! They’re like martians 🤣. The Other Side of the Sky is perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson. The authors did a fabulous job at building a super entertaining and intriguing world. The story reminded me of a mash up of The 100 and Dance of Thieves. Friendly heads up: there is a cliff hanger! 😱 You’re going to want to pre-order the sequel. Add it to your TBR on Goodreads!

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happy birthday, Rhen

Go shawty! It’s your birthday! We gonna party like it’s your birthday! HBD, Prince Rhen. September 23rd, is Curse Day and the first day of Autumn in Washington D.C. (Disi- still LOLing at that one). To celebrate the Prince of Emberfall’s birthday, Brigid Kemmerer is going LIVE with Bloomsbury YA [ click here ] at 5:00 PM EST. Tune in for a sneak peek at A Vow So Bold and Deadly, the conclusion to the Cursebreakers trilogy.

Fall in love, break the curse.

“‘Rhen,’ she calls after me.
I pause in the doorway and face her.
‘I’m not going to fall in love with you,’ she says.
Her words are not a surprise. I sigh.
‘You won’t be the first.'”

“This early in the season, the other girls would sit by the hearth and gaze at me over crystal goblets, while I’d pour wine and tell stories with just enough devilishness to make them blush. If I put a crystal goblet in this one’s hand, she’d likely smash it and use the shards to cut me.”

“Ah yes, the most dangerous person at the party is always the girl sitting alone with a book.” 

“He stalked across the room like he wanted to wage war, but he kisses me like I’m the most delicate thing in the castle.” 

“I don’t know which of us is more committed to honor and duty, but I was ready to rappel down the castle wall with her on my back, so I think it is not me.” 

Break the curse, save the kingdom

London prep: book three review

“I’ve taken someplace unfamiliar and made it into a home. And I think that’s special. It’s really special.”

If you’ve read book two, then you KNOW how it ends. Book three picks up with the last line! 👏🏼THE. 👏🏼LAST. 👏🏼LINE! 😱

It is the final week of Miss America’s exchange in London. CRYING! 😭 Harry Brooks is still smitten and Noah is fond of Mallory too. Harry wants their relationship to progress; however, is he truly ready? He’s got a first class ticket on the hot mess express 🚂 regarding his family. His life is a complicated 🙈 mess. But 💣 BOMBS 💣 be dropped in LP3!


🥰 I nominate myself as president of the Noah William’s Fan Club! 🥰 JK. I’ll share the duties with all the Team Noah ladies. 😉 Mal and Noah have been dancing around each other like magnets. Noah is all grumpy and brooding and deep. And he’s also super thoughtful. Noah and Mal have some precious moments and some that will leave you SCREAM TYPING to your book bestie (Thanks, Joee- Team Noah).

You WILL feel a RANGE of emotions while reading this story: jealousy, heart break, boiling anger, frustration, sadness, joy, hope. Jillian does an AMAZING job keeping you on-your-toes-HOOKED! 👏🏼 I literally cannot fathom how she can write a story that evokes so much emotion. 👍🏼Props! Big ups, Jillian! 👏🏼 You’ll experience strong feelings for the characters in this story. There are scenes that will have you looking at your chest wondering if it has cracked open. I highly suggest googling “defibrillator for sale” because you will absolutely need a shock to your heart! That cliff hanger! 😱😭 I’m SHOOK! Reeling! 😱 How do I go on with my life? I don’t want to see Mal leave these three boys (don’t forget Mohammad- he’s a good friend!). Tears! 🥺London Prep: Book Three is full of drama, angst, first love, and London adventures. I’m desperate for the conclusion! LP4! 👏🏼🇬🇧

BIG, huge, thanks to Jillian Dodd for allowing me to peruse an advanced reader copy. I cannot wait to squeeze hug the physical book! 🤟🏼

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Initial reaction 8/28/2020:

Brb. I’m dead inside. 1-800-235-DEAD.💀

More than maybe review

“I would only ever want the best for you because that’s what love is. Love is the lyrics to someone else’s melody.”

Oy! Somebody mop me up because I am in a PUDDLE…on the floor… at my feet. Erin Hahn. I really like you🥰. Your story-telling mind is bloody brilliant👏🏼. I am grossly in love with this book and these characters. 🥰

Eighteen-year-old Luke Greenly knows fame and is like nope. 🙅🏼‍♀️ Hard pass. His shyness is crippling some days. However, readers will fall in love with the British cupcake that is Luke 😍 Greenly. He makes my heart flip-flop in my chest. This boy. Gah! Back to cool and calm and not at all flustered by Luke. He prefers to stay behind the scenes, composing music, and co-hosting his podcast (The Grass Is Greenly) with his twin brother, Cullen. Double the disgustingly alluring British accent. He also has a pretty big secret. He has a major (like deep-seated, years-long feelings) unrequited crush on music blogger, Vada Carsewell. 👩🏼‍💻

Vada’s one of those girls that has a five-year plan (Loud Lizard dive bar, Behind the Music blog, Liberty Live concert series, prestigious music journalism program, Rolling Stone internship) and Luke Greenly is definitely not making the cut. Buuuut he could be part of the plan. Right? 😉 He’s v charming and he understands her music nerdiness. The duo make each other feel off-balanced and slightly mad (British mad). To top it off, Cullen releases a bootleg recording of Luke singing about a mystery girl. Who cares that Vada wants it to be about her? Will Luke and Vada give love a shot?

Me with this book.

More Than Maybe is an exceptionally FUN, YA novel that will make you want to dance💃 (see: Sheppard “Geronimo”) and will totally leave your eyeballs teary, watering from sweetness 🥺 (see: Vance Joy “I’m with You”). Some of my fave heart-squeezing scenes: Pinball Pete’s x “99 Luftballoons”, the old-fashioned dance gesture x “What It Is”, all the characters contained in one space x “Just Like Heaven”, grand-gesture magic x “Break for You” (I need this song to be real). Hahn’s characters (Vada, Luke, Cullen, Zack, and Meg) are so dang likable… I’m sunk! The OTP are extremely swoon worthy (insert moony eyes). I adore how the duo text each other songs, revealing tiny pieces of themselves. If you are a music enthusiast, you HAVE to read More Than Maybe. Get your Spotify or YouTube app open. GO! Ps. Friendly advice…take two Mortin for your inevitable book hangover.

Shout out to MTV’s Teen Wolf.

‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’…Scott, Derek, and Stiles. Shoot (finger gun). Kiss Derek, marry Stiles, kill Scott. I know, I know- no respect for the True Alpha. (#whataboutIsaac).

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?”

🎶 YouTube: Foo Fighters “Everlong” 🎶

blood & honey review

“‘You don’t get to do this alone. If you retreat into your mind-into your magic-I’ll follow you, Lou’. He shook me slightly, tears glistening in those frightened eyes. ‘I’ll follow you into that darkness, and I’ll bring you back. Do you hear me? Where you go, I will go.'”

Okay. Um. Wow. WOOOOOOW. 🤯

🎶”How do I live without you. I want to know.”🎶 Machine gun sobbing.

Man. Like what.

The motley crew: Lou, Reid (Chass), Coco (ma chatte), Ansel (mon petit chou), and Beau. The gangs all here and on the run. The witch and the huntsman working together seeking strong allies in order to take on Morgane. Given what they are, Lou and Reid are natural enemies. What they need is an alliance. But it’s a trap….it’s always a trap. There is double the magic in this sequel. And it is beautiful and wild and free. These characters go through so much healing in this book. All the grief weighs heavy on your chest. There are moments in the story that leave you smiling and laughing. Like “You can’t imagine how toothsome you look right now, Reid”. Huh? It means I want to eat you alive. HAH! Ok, Lou! 😂 You funny. BUT also reckless and desperate to save those she loves by turning to a darker side of magic. And then there are moments that leave you wholly broken to the core💔😭. Like when [spoiler alert-censored]. I loved how faithful Reid was to Lou. Where Lou struggled with their marriage feeling like a hoax, Reid honored his vows. Blood and Honey is a story about deception that cuts deep. Everything seems to be a matter of life and death. Now that cliff hanger…NEED S & D 3!

🎶 song: when the party’s over by Billie Eilish 🎶

a kingdom of flesh and fire review

“And you needed this moment alone in a pantry?” He turned his head slightly, lining up his mouth with mine. “I just needed.”

Everything Poppy has ever believed in is a lie🙈😱. She is dealing with painful deception and revelations regarding who she is. Poppy’s anthem is most definitely You Don’t Own Me by saygrace ft G-Easy. 🎵 “I’m not just one of your many toys. You don’t own me. Don’t say I can’t go with other boys. And don’t tell me what to do. Don’t tell me what to say.” 🎵 Homegirl, is a BAWSE 💪🏼 babe. Beautiful! Fearless! Brave! And “so incredibly violent, my Princess.” But when it comes to Hawke…dang, her treacherous shattered heart skips a beat. Trust was broken. Her 💔 heart is grieving as if someone had died. What Poppy perceives in spite of everything feels like a slippery slope. It means either forgiving or forgetting.

The guard who pledged to protect Poppy with his sword and his life. It wasn’t real. Was it? Tell me it’s real! A man of many names: Hawke, Casteel, Dark One, the Prince. Hawke is handsome, but in the way all wild, dangerous predators were. Deadly, fast, and impossibly strong. Hopelessly charming. 😻 And those stupid dimples that wink into existence. Poppy and Hawke have one commonality: they want their brothers back. Working WITH him instead of against him is a gamble.

Two kingdoms hiding the truth. Whispers of war have become stronger. Atlantia rose from blood and ash, no longer a fallen kingdom. The people want retribution. There is madness and chaos and death. 💀

JLA does a phenomenal job keeping you on your toes! I found myself willing my eyeballs to read FASTER. Her world building is 👌🏼 and her character development is 👏🏼. Poppy and Hawke’s overdramatic teasing and quick-witted banter 👍🏼. Poppy x the Prince scenes = I’m alive. Basically I’m trash for the OTP. Kieran! Infinite snort 🐽😂 LOL 😹 moments with the trio. A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire is a story of bone-deep hurt, disappointment, deceit, unexpected contradictions, and intangible hope and love. I COULD NOT HAVE LOVED THIS ANY MORE! 🥰 All the praise to Jennifer Armentrout for inviting us readers into a mesmerizing fictional world. A must read follow up to the captivating and action-packed high fantasy novel, From Blood and Ash. I’m already utterly homesick for the next installment. B & A THREE! I need it like Hawke needs Poppy.

Be prepared to eat your feelings. Grab your BFFs, Ben & Jerry 🍦 (obvi), ALL the tissues 🤧, and your fave sad-boy band music 🎧. Because you will cry over the betrayal and choices and secrets. Oh, my!

🎶 song: Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara 🎶

HUGE thanks 🙏🏼 to the Social Butterfly PR team 🦋, Blue Box Press, and Jennifer Armentrout for allowing me to devour an advance reader copy. It was an honor. 🤟🏼

AUGUST 16th 2020: initial reaction

I need a mo’.

back to Hogwarts

“‘Yer ticket fer Hogwarts,’ he said. ‘First o’ September – King’s Cross – it’s all on yer ticket.’”

Are you even a book blogger if you don’t post about (said in best British accent) Mr. Potter? Happy September first!

#BackToHogwarts. As Harry Potter fans know all too well, on the first of September, Hogwarts Express leaves King’s Cross Station at 11 a.m., bringing students to Hogsmeade Station where Harry attended Hogwarts for the very first time. And we’ve all been celebrating this eponymous wizarding world date ever since.

“You’re a little scary sometimes, you know that? Brilliant … but scary.”

“You can laugh, but people used to believe there were no such things as the Blibbering Humdinger or the Crumple-Horned Snorkack!”

“He can run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo.” — Fred Weasley

today tonight tomorrow review

“I learned to love love in all its forms, and I wanted it desperately for myself: to write about it, to live it.”

Rowan Roth and Neil McNair (AKA McNightmare): A Brief History.

Four years of academic bloodshed. The duo have been clashing over test scores, competing for student class council elections, and one-upping each other for all of high school. But they’re like a packaged deal causing Rowan to feel McMigraines when their names are mentioned in the same breath. Rowan vs Neil. Neil vs Rowan. Their rivalry is entertaining. It’s the last day of senior year and after graduation Rowan will never have to see Neil again. Neil with his objectively cute face. Since Neil was named valedictorian, Rowan would love to beat her nemesis one. last. time. during senior game night. Howl is a Westview High tradition for the graduates. It’s a game that’s part Assassin and part scavenger hunt in the Emerald City (Seattle). The plan is to destroy McNair and regain confidence. McWar- it’s on. However, after learning a group is out to get them, the pair decide to team up until they’re the last players left. Rowan recognizes that nothing about today, about tonight, went as planned. The OTP are arguments and threats. Fireworks and flames. There’s so much more to Neil than the nerdy linguistics boy who drove Rowan bonkers. Do Rowan’s feelings for Neil go deeper than rivalry? Are they only friends or just two people who were supposed to meet somewhere but got lost along the way?

You know how some stories just completely gut-punch you? Like a boulder shoved into your chest and pressure building behind your eyes. Like you have to press a hand to your heart as though the feelings are a physical pain. Today Tonight Tomorrow was THAT for me. It was a love letter to love. A good-bye to high school that will leave you feeling nostalgic. Rachel’s characters have burrowed into my heart. I am trash for Rowan and Neil. Their text-taunting was amazingly LOL. The music 👏 my music snob heart likes! The prom scene in the library left me swooning as I listened to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles envisioning Rowan and Neil slow dancing. I was desperate to know what Neil wrote in Rowans yearbook, and when I found out, I read it (three times) with tears threatening to spill over. I would LOVE to see this optioned. T3 would make a SUPER cute and fun Netflix film! Today Tonight Tomorrow is an adorable enemies-to-lovers, rom-com novel that will leave you feeling giddy when its over!

🎶 song: This Charming Man by The Smiths 🎶

kitty valentine dates a fireman review

“How neat things are in my books-in romance books on the whole. We guarantee a happy ending. That’s one of the tenets of romance. There has to be a happy ending. Real life? That’s a whole other beast.” 

I adore Kitty Valentine! She’s a drama queen and a good person and sweet and loving. And continuing to write on-trend romance for her next best seller. Okay, inspiration. Kitty needs to pen the hero of her current book… Speaking of which, Hayley has the spinner all ready and waiting. SQUEAL! The subsequent trope reveals….drum roll….A firefighter! 👨🏻‍🚒 There’s something painfully masculine and rugged and generally hot 🔥 about a firefighter. And guess who just so happens to know where to find an entire roomful of likely firefighters to choose from? Kitty’s salty and sassy grandmother. Where? At a bachelor charity auction, of course.

Wait. Who is that I see? Matt Ryder! Is that you? Well, you clean up 😍 nicely (huge understatement). I love that we got to see more of him in this story. He’s turning on the charm. He’s a catch! Perfect on paper. Can we get a Kitty Valentine Dates an Investment Manager? *wink* 😉 Back to the auction. With a hefty dose of surprise! Bachelor Bryce Nichols, the bane of Kitty’s humiliating childhood, is chosen for Kitty by her grandmother (one of my fave characters- energetic and sharp-witted) who has everything under control. Sort of. Not really. This isn’t good. Is it possible for a person to turn things around? Is there more to Bryce than what Kitty remembers? Kitty isn’t extremely picky but she’s definitely the queen of over-thinkers. And she needs to learn all things fire fighting in order to base her popular character on. MUST read to find out what happens with ultimate risk taker Bryce and considerate Kitty. The KV series is ideal for rom-com lovers!

BIG thanks to Jillian Dodd for giving me the opportunity to dive into an advanced reader copy. Much love and happy release day!

🎶 song: Only Human by Jonas brothers 🎶