House of dragons review

“Do you trust me?” “Yes,” he said easily. “Then trust me.

Kerrigan Argon, half fae, half human, abandoned when she was a child and fighting for a place in her world. Adopted into House of Dragons. Ker makes a bargain… one month until the end of the tournament to find a tribe to accept her. As a form of punishment, she is to escort Fordham Ollivier, the fae prince who escaped hs dark throne in House of Shadows. A favor for a favor and the duo ally themselves. Will Ker be able to find a tribe to accept her?

I love Kerrigan’s character- she is brave, wild, reckless, tough, spunky, spontaneous, and fiercely loyal. Fordham, the sad, broody boy who writes sad, broody poetry. Adore that princeling. Need more romance! More, more, more! The elemental magic system is RAD. The dragons (and riders) are awesome and remind me of wyverns from ToG. The tournament felt similar to the tri-wizard cup. Super cool, fantasy world with one BAWSE, female MC! HoD is perfect for fans of Holly Black and SJM.

“You have bewitched me so. And she was lost to him.”


-elemental magic
-super slow burn romance (sub plot)
-political intrigue & rules of royal houses
-murder mystery & mayhem
-dragons the size of wyverns (Throne of Glass series)
-dark, broody fae prince
-BAWSE female lead (Aelin vibes)

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Daughter of the deep review

“You’re Kiera Branwen, the girl stammered, pointing a thin finger at me. “You’re the Night-Mare of the Four Seas.”

Kiera Branwen’s life belonged to Ronan Mathonwy. Four years of enmity, sunken ships, loved ones lost. A wedding to end a war. Kiera is forced to marry her childhood friend and her father’s alleged killer, Ronan, in order to keep her family safe. But Ronan is determined to prove his innocence. The duo strike a deal. For one month, they work together to find her fathers true murderer. And in exchange Kiera will no longer be Ronan’s wife. However, Mr. and Mrs. Mathonwy are tethered together by a fate that is impossible to ignore.

Daughter of the Deep is full of high-stakes, salty sea adventure! And don’t forget, Sherlock Homeboy, a murder mystery! I love Kiera and Ronan. I was on the edge of my seat, anxious to see how everything played out. Do ye need this book? Aye, aye captain! Ye do.

-arranged marriage
-enemies 2 lovers & childhood friends
-jabs & snarky remarks
-families of pirates
-secrets, twists, & betrayal
-BAWSE female lead & deceptively charming love interest
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Aye, ye best believe it.

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Sandcastle beach review

“Why are you being so nice to me?” she said, her voice muffled because she’d buried her head agonist his chest. Because this is what you do when you love someone. You hold them up when they need you.”

Moonflower Bay’s town council voted to fund a downtown economic development grant where a business owner will win a one hundred thousand dollar grant. And Maya Mehta will do anything to save her tiny, beloved community theater. She has some serious competition though. Local bar owner and jerk extraordinaire, Benjamin “Law” Lawson is also competing for the money. May the odds be ever in your favor. “This town aint big enough for the both of us!”

The pair obviously have a complex mixture of attraction and annoyance. Fighting with Benjamin made Maya feel alive in a way nothing else did. Will their long standing feud stand in the way of their growing feelings?

Rom-com readers! Get Sandcastle Beach on your TBR….or better yet, in your Amazon shopping cart. And then press purchase. You will LOL and snort (I did) at Law and Maya’s banter. Readers will swoon (I did) over Law and the precious things he does for Maya. Jenny Holiday’s third Matchmaker Bay novel is perfect for fans of Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting or Rainy Day Friends by Jill Shalvis. Ps. Jenny Holiday = autobuy author. Just saying! She’s goooooood 👏🏼😘

-enemies to lovers/brother’s friend trope
-small town romance
-Premier Club football (soccer)
-Spice Girls
-food (specifically pizza) & wine (specifically riesling)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: hooboy, yes!

🎶Song: Wannabe by Spice Girls 🎶

Thank you Forever Publication for an advanced copy! 👏🏼🤟🏼

Ps. Music lovers! Jenny put together a playlist of Maya’s fave songs. CLICK HERE

Chain of iron review

“We have talked so much of travel,” James said. “I wanted to give you the world.”

You can’t leave me like that for a YEAR…

Oh, by the Angel, I LOVE THIS STORY! Cordelia is clever, brave, and resourceful. James Herondale is loyal and dutiful. The Herondales are made to love. They give all they have and keep nothing back. 🥰 SWOON. James’s nickname for Cordelia, Daisy, is endearing. Jamie + Daisy = OTP. Jordelia.They had SO many emotional scenes: yearning, tenderness, angst, heart CrUsHiNg! Sobbing. GAH. The Merry Thieves are my favorite brothers who would do anything for each other. Matthew Fairchild is devilishly charming. He’s a diabolically excellent flirt. Gimme more Christopher Lightwood! I’m kinda shipping Kit and Grace!

I know, I know, the gracelet is horrible but like, did she have a choice? Also, anything to keep Grace away from Jamie, right?! Yes. Plus, Kit (Christopher) is absolutely precious! I have a soft spot for him.

Lucie Herondale and The Beautiful Cordelia story…”so we shall battle the demons of romantic prose in the drawing room.” I loved Lucie in both CoG and CoI. Crossing my fingers she finds love. Chain of Iron is a will your eye balls to read faster, page turning, heart stopping, fantasy story. Fans of Keri Maniscalco (SJTR) will enjoy this series!

-Bridgerton but YA fantasy
-the Shadowhunter world
-fake dating/marriage
-friends 2 lovers
-unrequited love
-murderer on the loose
-blackmailing ghosts
-Will & Tessa Herondale (The Infernal Devices trilogy)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: By the Angel, yes! There are several couples in this book.

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“And I was no longer afraid. I knew I would be able to come home, because of you. That you would lead me back. You are my constant star, Daisy.”

Ps. HALP me. 🙈 I’m scared for Chain of Thorns. I don’t think I can handle another ending like TID. 🥺

The hook review

“Hopeful that you could love me that way I love you.” “What way is that?” He whispered, “To the point of madness.”

It’s been nearly a year since Vivienne Dunn has run away from her foster home, to join her fellow People with Active Nevergenes (PAN). Following Viv’s first assignment, she discovers some devastating news regarding her nGh levels. Meanwhile, Deacon, Crown Prince of Neverland, is stuck on trial in London. Tasked with a second recruitment mission, Viv breaks a rule meant solely to keep the PAN safe, which results in deadly consequences for one of her PAN members. Lee Somerfield’s disdain for Leadership and anger over the death, spurs his rebellion and retaliation on HOOK and Neverland, the land of fairy tales, has become a place of nightmares. Tomorrow is not promised, no matter how immortal a fairy tale tells you are. Will Viv be able to escape her destiny as a forgetful or will she voluntarily choose neutralization and be grounded?

What a roller coaster ride! Up and down. Hot and cold. One step forward, but then ten steps back. I was on the edge of my seat! Where is my brown paper bag?

Jenny Hickman did a fantastic job keeping me on my toes, willing my eyeballs to read faster. HOOK was so entertaining, like something out of a soap opera. Deacon Ashford! 🥰 That Neverboy will steal your heart in HOOK. His unfailing loyalty and wicked sense of humor. He’s a little Noah Calhoun (The Notebook) and readers witness his growth in this story. Several scenes will leave you a blubbering mess🥺, in a puddle of goo over Dash’s actions. Even Peter Pan has noticed a change in him! Speaking of Peter, he’s got JOKES that will have you snorting 🐽 with 😂laughter. Jenny’s secondary characters, Emily and Lyle, are amazing! Emily is a doll and Lyle’s outright dislike for Deacon is hilarious. Lyle’s nickname for Deacon! 🤣 Dead! And clap 👏🏼 it up for Nicola, calling out Neverland’s resident bad boy, Casanova. I mean, Deacon. You go, girl! 👏🏼Neverland…a place of magic and community. Perfect for fans of Peter Pan, Toodles, and the Lost Boys. HOOK is a story with the classic elements of the beloved fairytale with a 21st century twist. Give it a whirl!

Thank you, thank you Jenny Hickman for HOOKING me up with an advanced reader copy! I’m going to be bugging you for more of my OTP!

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“Was that supposed to be a pickup line?” “Everything I say to you is meant to be a pickup line.”

the stolen kingdom review

“Regardless of my attempts at guarding my heart, he’d wormed his way in.”

3.5 stars

The kingdom of Perin Faye is suffering under the rule of the Thungraves- a line of despotic kings that used their power to intimidate and manipulate. Cannon Thungrave is set to inherit the throne along with stolen magic and the dark secrets the come with it. Alac Thungrave, the kings second son, wants nothing to do with the throne or the magic that comes with ruling. Alac= the spare heir. Maralyth Graylaern, a vintner’s daughter, also has a secret: a hidden magical power. Mara finds herself in quite the predicament. She’s threatened…Save her beloved family and their vineyard or engage in a plot to murder the Thungrave boys so she can take the throne.

The Stolen Kingdom the story of a lost heir and the fight for the throne. There are two shocking twists that are like

and the FOOD. Salivating over goat cheese and delectable herbs, golden mushrooms stuffed with minced shellfish and cheeses, vanilla mousse, cinnamon biscuits, steaming tomato soup and thickly seeded bread with butter. Don’t forget the wine! Red or white. I’m not picky.

#IsThisAKissingBook- Let’s just say the kiss is sweet as wine. The romance felt like the subplot and my preference is for romance as the main plot. I’m here for the food & wine!

-standalone YA fantasy
-court intrigue
-hidden identity
-magic (dark & stolen, pure & good)
-forbidden love
-enemies 2 lovers
-food & wine

🎶 Song: Cherry Wine by Hozier 🎶

Thank you Tor Teen for an advanced copy!!

a court of silver flame

“That’s the key, isn’t it? To know the darkness will always remain, but how you choose to face it, handle it … that’s the important part. To not let it consume. To focus upon the good, the things that fill you with wonder.” She gestured to the stars zooming past. “The struggle with that darkness is worth it, just to see such things.” 

Another ACOSF photo. Did you finish yet? SJM’s newest novel is the number one New York Times best seller for print & e-book fiction. Number ONE! So no review. Every reader with ears and eyeballs knows SJM. FYI- Not YA fantasy. Amazing story about overcoming grief and rage and sorrow. And—hope. Precious, beautiful hope. Anxiously awaiting the next installment in the ACOTAR series! #elriel 

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London prep 4: the key review

“I think that somehow, I love them both.”

Whew! Heartbreak rodeo!

How am I doing? Other than my completely shattered heart, I’m great! I’m fine. Maybe I’ll get hit by a bus. Dramatic much? YES. Just like Mallory. 😛🤣😉

An author is phenomenal writer, if they can make you feel a range of emotions: happy, sad, confused, shocked, anxious, furious, devastated. That’s Jillian Dodd. Her story telling skills have the ability to elicit emotions from readers. Emotions ™. And LP4: The Key is guaranteed to bring out some feelings! ALL THE FEELINGS! For me. I’m sad. Sad for Mallory. For Noah. And Harry. Poor Mal is in desperate need of a redo. Like several redos. BUT…Mohammad. 👏🏼 Clap it up for Mo👏🏼! Watch your knickers and his sultry eyes. And Mia! I’m so glad we got to meet her in this book. Her drawing of Noah had me LOL! Readers…LP4 is a roller coaster ride and you will most likely read it in 24 hours! And I’m not talking about a Disneyland coaster. I’m talking Goliath. Colossus. CraZanity. Drop of Doom. Scream. Six Flags rides. BIG. Catch my drift? Hang on tight! Take note of the very last sentence in the book… It is exactly how you’ll feel!

Jillian, don’t make me wait six months for the next book! I’m going to need at least 5 kisses. And that movie night. Now where are my Noah Williams’ sweats? I need them to wallow over a big box of chocolates. I’m going to go cry and fall asleep way too early.


Thank you, thank you to Jillian for sending me an advanced copy. I don’t think I’ve ever read one of your books so fast! 😂

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The gods of men review

“I don’t believe in fear. To fear a thing only gives it power over you.”

Sable is trying to rid herself of her past by escaping to the heart of the Wilds. The land of thieves. Her guilt weighs heavy but she is surviving (and hiding) as a healer. Magic is forbidden throughout the Five Provinces. Those born with it are hunted and killed by the Wolf of Corinth. Ten years after that horrifying event that led her to flee for her life, Sable finds herself hunted by a summoned spirit of the dead. Her best chance at survival? Agree to the dangerous Provincial, Jos’s, offer: heal his dying father in return for a large sum of money. And perhaps Jos will keep her safe. Or maybe the tables will turn and Sable will be the one risking her life for Jos.

The Gods of Men is SUPER entertaining! Jos and Sable have a very exciting and adventurous story. Nothing like being chased through the forest, near death, to bring two people together. There is a twist bomb that is like…

Yup. I didn’t see THAT. I’m rooting hard for this OTP! Need the sequel! The Gods of Men was a top 10 finalist of Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off in 2018! 👏🏼 If you enjoyed The Traitors Kiss by Erin Beaty or anything by Brandon Sanderson, you need Barbara Kloss’s dark and epic fantasy novel stat!


  • enemies 2 lovers
  • hidden identities
  • magical systems (dark & musical)
  • sarcastic, snarky banter that will make you LOL 🤣
  • #IsThisAKissingBook, oh by the wards 😘
  • palace politics (so you’re saying there’s a painfully handsome prince? Yes. Yes, I am.)

🎶 song: In the Shadows by Amy Stroup🎶