love for beginners review

“Your best days aren’t behind you. They’re right in front of you.”

Another captivating Wildstone story from Jill Shavlis! Emma was hit by a car that punted her fifty feet straight into a coma. Her hardass physical therapist, Simon, whom she hates with a passion of a thousand suns, is disarmingly handsome and basically her only “friend.” Emma’s ex BFF and her ex fiancé started dating while Emma was still in a coma. Yikes! Emma is a tough cookie. She’s fighting for her life. Dealing with her new reality. Simon has the patience of a saint and is sweet as a peach! Totally mooning over him like a love sick puppy! There’s something between them. When they’re in the same room the heat factor goes up. Emma is a patient though. Will she eventually fire Simon (*wink*) and act on her feelings? Love for Beginners is a story of sheer grit and determination, overcoming obstacles, survivors guilt, grief, hope, love, and perseverance. Give it a whirl!

-a Chewbacca look a like pup
-second chances
-sour cream and cheese chips. 1 non-resealable bag = 1 serving.
-a little forbidden romance (patient/doctor)
-character growth
-#IsThisAKissingBook: “Simon kissed the new girl and he liked it.”

Thank you Jill Shalvis for an advanced copy! Images borrowed from Jill’s newsletter. Love for Beginners is released on June 8th!

🎶 Song: Cover Me In Sunshine by Pink 🎶

To kill a kingdom review

“Love is a word we scarcely hear in the ocean. It exists only in my song and on the lips of the princes I’ve killed. And I have never heard it from my mother’s mouth.”

It’s like that in the sea. Brutal and unrelenting. Filled with endless cruelty that has no recompense. Princess Lira, siren royalty, is the most murderous creature in the hundred kingdoms. Known as the Princes’ Bane for ripping out the hearts of the kingdoms princes. The Sea Queen (Ursula vibes anyone?) punishes Lira and turns her into a human. Bye, bye siren song. (Ariel?) Sirens LOATHE humans. Lira must deliver Prince Elian’s heart to the Sea Queen or remain human forever. Uh-oh, looks like Elian’s number one hobby is hunting sirens. Aka he’s a murderer which is one of his better qualities. Eep! What’s going to happen with this murderous duo? To Kill A Kingdom is perfect for fans of dark nautical fantasy stories!

-enemies to lovers
-slow burn
-mermaids & sirens
-little mermaid vibes
-witty banter
-a perilous journey
-loveable secondary characters
-siren prince killer & pirate siren killer

🎶 Song: Deep End by Alexandra Fresquez 🎶

A fate of wrath and flame review

✨ 4.5 magical stars ✨

“But I no longer feel the desire to look backward. I only want to look forward, with you.”

A solid introduction into an extraordinary high fantasy world from KA Tucker! 👏🏼 I am kind of, sort of DESPERATE for more of Zander & Romy!

I’m making doe eyes at you Mr. Broody King Zander. Romy is strong-willed, resilient, and BAWSE. Totally and completely bewitched by their love story! I love all of Tucker’s Wrath & Flame characters… Well, except maybe Zander’s brother, Atticus. The spare heir.

KA Tucker has created a world that is extremely vivid and highly entertaining! A fascinating world of magic! And hang on, because bombs be dropped as revelations are exposed. Webs of lies & secrets! Treachery! Oh my! I have an insatiable hunger for book two. That ending… not like, RIP @ me. But like, I NEED TO CONTINUE THIS STORY! A Fate of Wrath & Flame is perfect for fans of Jennifer L Armentrout and Laura Thalassa. Congrats, KA Tucker! 👏🏼

-a task/quest
-a step back in time, not a car in sight
-beasts & creatures
-elves & immortals
-SUPER slow burn enemies 2 lovers
-forbidden romance
-arranged marriage
-fake dating
-court intrigue
-strong world building
-elemental magic
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Will Romy have to play kiss the king with Zander? 😘

Thank you KA Tucker & Valentine PR for an advanced copy! I cannot wait to continue Zander & Romy’s story.

🎶 Song: Take Me to Church by MILCK 🎶

chaos theory review

“Lost in the crowd. Adrift in the sea. I’d been hurting for so long, until you found me.”

LA girl living in the Midwest. Victoria’s long time BF, Todd, totally dumps her in front of everyone, two weeks before the school’s biggest dance of the year, the Ice Ball. #ToddSucks! Corey is a YouTube and Instagram “sensation”. His last name was his life- Chaos. But he’s totally famous for his amazing covers of popular songs. What’s the perfect way to get back at Todd…”Hey, Corey? Want to be my fake boyfriend?”

Chaos Theory is FULL of the best kind of drama that will have YA readers willing their eye balls to read faster! Just one. More. Chapter! Will Victoria and Corey fall for each other? Fake relationship and all?

-fake dating
-To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (the contract)
-your fave high school reality TV show
-Vanilla Ice… Cream
-BROmance (Tony & Corey)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: “Rule six: keep things platonic”. Yeah… right.

Thank you Kelly Anne Blount and Lynn Rush for an advanced copy! I love Twin River High!

Song: Stay With Me by the Sam Smith

Mrs. frisby and the rats of Nimh- 50th anniversary Ed

“When you’ve lived in a cage, you can’t bear not to run, even if what you’re running towards is an illusion.”

A brave mouse who makes unexpected friends! Fantasy and community building. Hardship and perseverance. Adventure! Rats! Originally published in 1971 and adapted for film in 1982 as The Secret of NIMH. The perfect introduction book to fantasy for middle grade readers! Big thanks to Simon Kids for sending us this gem of a book!

Last chance books review

“‘Prologue’s got nothing on B and M, let me make that clear. If any store is going out of business, it’s going to be yours. You guys are thieves and-and-not even real book people!’ So, I fell a little flat on the ending there, but I think my point has been made.”

Do you smell that? It smells like winning the lottery. AKA GET THIS CUTIE-PATOOTIE BOOK!

Madeline Moore adores her family’s long standing indie bookstore, Books & Moore. Nothing will stop her from taking over the business. Until a chain bookstore called Prologue opens across the street. Can someone say F-O-X? Jasper Hamada (HOTmada), who works at Prologue, is determined to take down B&M. Yeah….right. Because Prologue is like the less funded Barnes & Noble wannabe. Thus, bookstore battle with the competition across the street.

Madeline’s all, “get ready to call your store Epilogue, because this is going to be it’s last chapter.” Take that, Jasper, you extremely good looking guy.

Why do you have to be cute? Will Madeline be able to save B&M?

Kelsey Rodkey, I hope you are basking in the glow of your own genius! A chef’s kiss debut! Charming! Hilarious! Adorable! Last Chance Books is perfect for fans of Emma Lord, Morgan Matson, and Kasie West.

-You’ve Got Mail
-fictional character cosplay
-pranks & sign wars
-apology brownies
-burritos & pico
-banter galore
-enemies to lovers
-family dynamics
-YA contemporary romcom (heavy on the com)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: plural!

🎶 Song: Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle 🎶

Project personality review

“Telling someone shows trust and you might actually get to know a real friend. Or a real love.”

P squared!! Project P! Hope Chambers has dreams of being an aerospace engineer. But she is b-o-r-i-n-g. The biggest dictionary in the world has a better social life than her. Think the girl version of Sheldon. An admissions consultant tells her she needs to get a personality. Hence, Project Personality. Landon Watkins is a super popular soccer stud.

Oh snap! Hope Chambers saves Landon Watkins’s life! Landon totally owes Hope. But Landon has his own issues…he was all about numbing things out by sleeping or drinking. Will Landon agree to help Hope get a personality? In turn, will Hope help Landon?

Theeeeey’re back! Blount and Rush did it again! Cinnamon roll love interests and all the smooches!

TRH2 is equally adorable as Gutter Girl! Landon is so kind and sweet with Hope. And Hope is the epitome of brainiac. She’s hysterical! Like…

Project Personality needs to be on every YA reader’s shelf! Get it!

-Big Bang Theory
-random fun facts

-family dynamics (CW: depicts elements of alcohol/drug abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, death of a grandparent)
-standalone YA romance (interconnected series)
-laughing until you fall off your chair
-heart melting super sweet gestures
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Landon wants a little “neck time” with Hope

🎶 Song: You’re The One That I Want by Dylan Rockoff & Caroline Kole 🎶

Thank you Kelly Anne Blount & Lynn Rush for my advanced copy!

defy the night cover reveal

“You made me worry.”
“But I brought you breakfast.” His voice is rich and deep behind me.
I ignore him.
He leans in until his breath brushes against the sliver of skin between my hair and the high neck of my jacket. The other apple appears in front of me, wrapped up in his long fingers. “It’s a really
good breakfast,” he taunts.
I take the apple. Sugar dusts the skin. It’s warm to the touch, and I wonder if the honey inside is warm, too.
Despite myself, I take a bite. The honey is warm. “I hate you,” I say with my mouth full.
“That’ll probably work out for the best.” He flicks my hat up a few inches and grins. “Now eat quick,” he says. “We have rounds to

#DefyTheNight cover reveal…a day early?! Shriek! Gasp! Squeal! *jaw drop* …I am fine. I am great. I am the coolest of cucumbers. I have taken the chillest of pills. HA! JK. JK. I HAVE NO CHILL! Come September 2021, when this bb is in my hands (unless I win the ARC-crossing my fingers and toes!) I will be stapling my eyes open to read into the wee hours of the night. #Cursebreaksers ya feel me!? My brand is irrational freak out. Totally relatable.

YA readers! You’re going to want to read chapter one. Then check out the playlist from Brigid below! Be sure to add DtN to your Goodreads!

Blade of secrets review

“Well, good. You should be uncomfortable. Love is uncomfortable at first. It’s terrifying and exhilarating. But that will pass. It will become easier and something that you need rather than want.”

Kind of rhetorical QOTD: who has better arms? Riden or Kellyn? 😛

Hashtag TrashForTrish squad! Round of applause! The scholar = Petrick. The Mercenary = Kellyn. The bladesmith = Ziva. The brave sister= Temra. Not one, but TWO romances. Readers are going to fall in love with Kellyn. SWOON. “Maybe one day you’ll tell me your secrets, blademsith, now that you know some of mine.” He’s SUCH a cinnamon roll! Blade of Secrets did not disappoint! Fantastic! Chef’s kiss! Counting down until Master of Iron! 

-weapons that combine magic with forging
-banter & playful teasing (“I wasn’t ogling. I just like his arms, is all.”)
-adventure is out there! (said in best Ellie from Up voice)
-twists that leave you with your jaw on the floor #Cliffhanger
-found family
-sister bond (one is socially anxious (mental health rep) and the other is super flirty)
-a budding BROmance

“Even at my worst I can be strong.”

🎶 Song: Stronger by The Score 🎶

Gutter girl review

““You’re really a romantic, aren’t you, Jace Rovers?” “Eh, maybe a little bit.””

Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount are the queen’s of witty banter and kissing scenes! What I enjoy about their books is that you get hooked on page four! Yup, they’re amazing at captivating readers! And, son of a sword, Gutter Girl will leave you with a one-hundred-watt-smile plastered on your face. Readers are going to crush hard on 🥰 Jace Rovers! I’m talking about the warm and fuzzies. Charming everyone’s pants off. Cinnamon roll right here! Young Adult readers are going to fall in love, a thousand times over, with Gutter Girls’ OTP! I adored every page of this book! 10/10 recommend if you just like to smile (because smiling is your favorite). I need more of Twin River High like I need air! Ps. How can we get our hands on Jace’s fantasy romance novel? I want to read Kingdom of Swords! 😂👏🏼

-swooning out loud over the sweetest grand gesture.
-90s grunge (think nirvana come as you are)
-space buns & pink hair
-holding hands via pinky finger and forefinger
-laughing & smiling. They got jokes.
-sweet valley high x small town 90210
-mystic falls vibes (minus the paranormal) with all the town events (founders day ball)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Son of a sword, yes! MS plus JR.

“I want to be your guy. For real. In front of everyone. To stand up for you. To be there for you, all of the time, not just in secret.”

🎶Song: Good by Better Than Ezra 🎶

Ps. Kelly and I put together a playlist of the most nostalgic 90s grunge. CLICK HERE.