eversea review

“When you care about someone, you don’t like to think of them hurting whether now or way in the past. Especially when you can’t fix it.”

An epic love story! Hollywood A-list mega star, Jack Eversea, is on the run from his latest scandal and ends up in the coastal town of Buttler Cover, South Carolina. Jack is hoping hide from the tabloids and his increasingly vapid life and the people who run it. He doesn’t plan on meeting Kerri Ann Butler. Will Jack be able to decide if Kerri Ann is worth change his life for? Thank you, Aundreya for introducing me to Mr. Eversea. You’ll need the sequel on hand because, “where’s jack?”. Eversea is perfect for fans of When It’s Real by Erin Watt.

-small town vibes
-Henry Cavill 🥰 circa Superman days
-famous actor meets girl next door
-new adult (college aged) romance
-sweet & sassy heroine

🎶 song: High Twilight by Daniel Isaiah 🎶

deal with the elf king review

“‘You did well,’ he murmurs. My head rests against his shoulder by the crook of his neck. ‘Was it enough?’ I rasp. ‘It was enough. You are more than enough.'” 

Beauty and the Beast x Hades and Persephone. The elves come for two things: war and wives. Luella has dedicated her life to studying herbology and becoming the town’s only healer. Until King Eldas arrives to claim a new queen. Luella is forced to be the Human Queen in the magical land of Midscape, where she learns about the dying world only she can save. Torn between the land with wild magic and her home and people. And a marriage made of necessity but sustained by genuine love that grew against all odds. A Deal with the Elf King is magical, romantic, and highly entertaining and will leave you 👏🏼 clapping it up for 👏🏼 Elise Kova. A stand-alone, fantasy romance novel (with an HEA) perfect for fans of ACOTAR and ACSDAL. Free on KU (but the cover is gorgeous so you should just buy it). 

-elemental magic 
-arranged marriage
-enemies to lovers
-a civil, brutal, cold, hot, Elf King (and broody)
-a Human Queen with witty inner dialogue eliciting snort-laughs 
-Wolves. Hook, named after his one, damaged ear. His eyes say, “pet me” but his razor sharp teeth say, “try me” (slowly walks away from the beast)
-#isthisakissingbook slow-burn and swoon-worthy 

🎶 song: No Light, No Light, by Florence + The Machine 🎶

The invisible life of Addie larue review

“‘Think of it as a thank you,’ she says, ‘for seeing me. For showing me what it’s like to be seen. To be loved. Now you get a second chance.”

Il était une fois. Once upon a time. This is how the story starts. Adeline LaRue has been made into a stranger, has seen herself slide from the minds of those she’s known and loved like the sun behind a cloud, has watched every mark she tries to make as it’s undone, erased. Her things disappear. Go slowly carelessly missing, like socks stolen by a dryer. Things seem to slip through her fingers like sand. Addie bargains to live forever and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets. Within the prism of Addie’s deal she is forced to suffer but not die, starve but not waste, want but not wither. There are cracks in the mortar of her curse, a fissure she has found in the walls in this new life. 300 years later and a young man (who smells like old books and fresh coffee) remembers her name.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is bustling New York and pure Paris. Butter and sugar on the pages. I want to hold on to this story like a chocolate on my tongue, savoring every second before it melts. Get tissues for this one. You’ll be crying for days over the haunting and heartbreaking story of Addie, Luc, and Henry. “I remember you.”

-Immortality & fantasy
-Historical Fiction
-Tabby cats who do a good impression of an inconvenienced bread loaf

🎶 Song: In Case You Don’t Live Forever by Ben Platt 🎶

lost stars review

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” 

Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree: two youngsters from chunk of rock in the Outer Rim. Flight is their greatest joy and only escape. The duo desire to leave their isolated mountain planet, Jelucan, and join the Imperial Academy. Kids that just want to be a part of the Empire but grow apart. Their rift over a sabotage incident left them unable to patch things up completely. Trapped between loyalty to each other and loyalty to the Empire, follow Kyrell and Ree as they face unending mortal danger during the battles of Hoth, Endor, and Jakku.

– Star Wars (obvi)
– Childhood friends
– Star crossed lovers
– The distinctive scream of a TIE fighters engine
– Honor & duty
– Corruption & ruin
– Young adult sci-fi

“It’s not whether he’s my friend or someone I love. He’s both. Thane’s always been both, since the beginning.” 

🎶 Song: Ewok Celebration and Finale by John Williams 🎶

midnight at the blackbird cafe review

“For where your roots are, your heart is.”

Anna Kate Callow’s headed back to Wicklow, Alabama to make funeral plans for her grandmother and run the family cafe. The Callow women are guardians and gatekeepers of something incredible. They tend to the mulberry trees, nurture them, and gather their love to bake into pies to serve those who mourn, those left behind. The characters in Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe search deep into their guarded hearts to see what’s truly important in life. Anna Kate, Natalie, and crew carry around a heap of pain (overwhelming grief) tied to the past. Will they be able to let it go and start healing? “But sweetie, letting go is the only way you can fly.” Just like Wicklow, Heather Webber’s story has a way of holding on to you.


-magical realism
-blackberry sweet tea & all the kinds of pie
-small town, southern charm (I’m talking roughly the size of a postage stamp)
-blatant nosiness on full display (gossip which means the same as talking)
-a cat with dictator-like behavior
-shoo-ee, honey, two heroes to get sweet on (Cam & Gideon. V small side plot)
-The Good Witch on Hallmark or Alice Hoffman’s novels

🎶 song: Blackbird by The Beatles 🎶

the forever girl review

“We’re more than our circumstances. We deserve hopes and dreams and love like everyone else.”

Wildstone! I am in LOVE with this series. Heather, Maze, and Walker had come from vastly different, but equally troubled backgrounds and were all placed in the same foster home with Caitlin and her family. They’re not blood but they’re something deeper. Up until the shockingly traumatic event which scattered them far and wide. Heather was the young soul, Caitlin was the heart, Mayhem Maze was loyal and stubborn, and Walker was the strong silent one. Jill’s stories and characters are very relatable. In several of her stories she includes a dog….TFG has two, adorable pups, Roly and Poly. How CUTE! Little sausage loaves. Peep them in the cover! I laughed, I cried, I swooned! Read if you like childhood BFFs and second chance romance. The Forever Girl is a story of survivors guilt, redemption, trust, and believing in love blindly.

Thank you Jill Shalvis for the advanced copy!

“You don’t need to be in the beginning of a child’s story to change the ending.”

🎶 Song: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash 🎶

book quotes

“‘Silencio!’ Peter crosses his arms. Smirking, he says, ‘Whatever spell you just tried to cast on me, it didn’t work, so I think you need to go back to Hogwarts.’ He’s so proud of himself for the Hogwarts reference, it’s kind of endearing.”

“He smells like pool, and summer, and vacations. It’s not like in the movies. It’s better, because it’s real.”

Some of my favorite quotes come from To All the Boys I’ve Loved before. Jenny Han is the queen of YA.

crown of bones review

“Remember to keep the company’s number to five. In spite of the autumn chill, optimism wins out. Surprise comes from the sea. Don’t resist it. When in doubt, go north. A sword brings truth and deception. Do not raise your phantom until safe on Aku.” 

Marcus Adicio, son of the Magistrate, Heir to the Throne, and a green-robed savant from Baiseen, on his initiation journey to the Isle of Aku. His warrior phantom has taken form, shared his name, and is more present. More real. Ash, the non-savant on the excursion, is the scribe meant to observe and record. Along with three other savants, the company come into predicament after predicament on their travels. What more could possibly go wrong? Lucky for the lot, the mysterious bosun’s mate of the Sea Eagle, Kaylin, will lead them to Aku. Thank the bones. However, the sailor is harboring secrets. The sea is enigmatic… the legendary Mar race steal children into the salty waters. Ash and Marcus’s world is on the verge of the next Great Dying. Amassia’s second sun is nigh. Will the company’s journey be the one before chaos consumes the realms? 

What a phenomenal, epic fantasy from A.K. Wilder! Political mishmash and intrigue. Thrill of adventure. Swoony romance. Deception. I am enamored with these characters! Ash’s inner dialogue is giving me life! I snort-laughed over her internal voice’s witty banter and clever quips. SO much snark going on in her head. HERE for it! #IsThisAKissingBook- Dang those protocols to the Drop, yup! 🥰 Kaylin…

Oh, by the Deep, I LOVE HIM! Aye, my sailor. He has me curious though! I adore how he calls Ash, lass. His girl. I ship you Kaylin & Ash. Kash=The OTP. Readers are going to will their eyeballs to read faster as revelations are exposed. “Chop-chop, with the murdering.” GASP! Raise. Your. Phantoms! Crown of Bones is an essential read for YA fantasy devotees of Margaret Rogerson, Adrienne Young, and Leigh Bardugo. On shelves now!  

Thank you Entangled Teen and AK Wilder for an advanced copy. I devoured it! 👏🏼🤟🏼

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in the penalty box review

“There’s nobody I’d rather be in the penalty box with than you.”

Brodie “Wind” Windom has his senior year all planned out: focus on hockey, get on the Boston College team, and no distractions. Until, son of a puck!, some ice princess rams right into him. Willow Covington’s whole world is figure skating. But she’s nursing an injury and rehabbing to be back in time for next years competition. The Fall League hockey team’s goalie is out. Brodie needs the best people on the ice to win State. Will Brodie be able to convince Willow to stand in as goalie and assist her recovery by working out with the boys hockey team? The force is strong with young Padawan, Willow, but she needs the help of Hockey Yoda, Brodie. What’s the brute squad of boys going to do…Accept Willow into the family? Or form an anti-Willow Coalition? Sequins and twirls are out. Pucks and sticks are in. The duo must face their fears in order to make their dreams come true. Game on.

Hey, yooooou guuuys! (Said in best Sloth voice). For the love of ice! YA readers need this novel! ITPB was so dang cute! GAH! I was swooning so hard. Several scenes left me giddy! Brodie and Willow’s nickname of affections…Toe Pick & Puck Head. 🥰 They’re just precious. Brodie is one tough hockey 🏒 player! But he’s also super sweet, so very loyal, nice, and thoughtful. Willow handles everything with “the grace of a figure skater and the guts of a hockey player.” She’s a BAWSE. Strong female lead, right here. In the Penalty Box has everything that I’m looking for in a young adult book: pop culture references (Goonies never say die! Star Wars and even The Princess Bride), an adorable meet-cute (albeit a tad painful), witty banter (Willow can dish the sarcasm), family dynamics (Brodie’s home life isn’t as perfect as it appears🥺) and a dreamy love story (grinning through so many chapters). #IsThisAKissingBook- 👍🏼two thumbs up👍🏼. If you enjoy small-town, sports romances In the Penalty Box needs to live on your shelf. For the occasional squeeze hug, of course.

Guaranteed to elicit smiles, bookworms! Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount are pure magic! 😘🤌🏼 Chef’s kiss Perfect for fans of Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series.

I cannot thank Entangled Teen, Lynn Rush, and Kelly Anne Blount enough for gifting me this sweet book! You’re a GEM. All of you.

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sweet thing review

“You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together…than you’ll hear the sound of your soul.” 

“Just read it (read it), read it (read it).”

Well, Michael Jackson does not fit the vibe of Will and Mia but you get the point. Can I say Renee Carlino is a literary genius of romance. Gosh. I love her stories so HARD. Mia Kelly is grieving the death of her father. His memory aches in her soul, but his presence was still palpable in the silence. But she’s guarded and drowning in a huge chasm created by an obsession with getting things right. Mia meets Will Ryan (musician) and he is too cute to boot! He is the rock-and-roll type Mia swooned over. She has a secret and suppressed obsession with the sensitive, torture artist soul. Will is so tender and warm and patient and he makes Mia want to be a better person. Will sees Mia as she is… a lost little soul and he knows it will be a while before she comes around. The characters in Renee’s novel have a passion for life that is absolutely beautiful. Talk about a book hang over! Sweet Thing is a first-love, self-discovery must read for romance readers and music enthusiasts. Ps. There’s a novella on KU! Squeal! 

🎶 Song: Sweet Thing by Van Morrison 🎶
(is that too obvious. But I had too)

“Never let me go.” 
He tightened his grip as his mouth moved to my ear. “Never”
“Where have you been?”
“Waiting for you.”