American Royalty by Tracey Livesay

“Danielle Nelson,” he breathed, as if inhaling her name into his soul. “You’re divine.”

Jay and Dani. She’s an award winning hip hop artist. He’s the royal highness Prince Jameson Alistair Richard Lloyd, the Duke of Wessex. American Royalty is perfect for fans of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle. Tessa Bailey fans will want this book on their TBR!

-grumpy, loathe to love
-NYC x London setting
-forced proximity
-court intrigue
-pretty woman, notting hill, four weddings and a funeral
-great uk baking championship
-a benefit concert
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

Thank you Avon books for an advanced copy.

🎶 Song: Super Bass by Nicki Minaj 🎶

A Thousand miles by Bridget Morrissey

“You’re not the most important person in the world to me. You are the world.”

Dee and Ben. What a cutie OTP. Their teasing banter and bits were adorably hilarious. Ben is an illegally handsome ray of sunshine, cinnamon roll! Filled with funny memories and charming anecdotes, A Thousand Miles would be an excellent beach read for romance readers!

-dual pov
-second chance romance
-childhood friends
-road trip = forced proximity
-friends to lovers
-exchanging quips
-oh no, you’re wounded (hurt/comfort)
-“the Twizzlers incident”
-taking a cat to a baseball game & rushing the field
-cheez it’s
-logrolling off a bed with grace and much flourish
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “I rest one quick peck on her forehead. Featherlight and meaningless.”

Thank you Berkley Romance for an advanced copy.

🎶 Song: Mr. Brightside by The Killers 🎶

Maggie moves on by Lucy score

“I’ve been waiting my entire life to find home. And I found one. I made one. Here. With you.”

Silas & Maggie. Well, these two are MFEO. Silas is an outrageous flirt! Kevin stole the show! And Maggie did some soul searching, trying to find a happy medium between being tied down and being a tumbleweed. Maggie Moves On will have readers snort laughing and swooning!

-home renovation
-love at first sight
-western Idaho (The Old West)
-a burley pit bull named Kevin
-backwards ball caps 🧢
-opposites attract
-Wallace the grumpiest grumpy old man
-finger steaks & fry sauce
-kittens dubbed Dolly Parton and Taco
-lost treasure
-found family
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “But if you play your cards right tonight, I might just let you kiss me.”

Thank you Forever Publishing for an advanced copy! Maggie Moves On is releasing June 21st!

🎶 Song: Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad 🎶

The ohana cottage by Megan Reinking

“I like when you smile,” I say softly, looking back down at the ground. “I like when you make me smile,” he answers, sending butterflies into a tailspin in my stomach.”

John & Mia ✨ The Ohana Cottage is a little slice of paradise! I loved it! I devoured it. There were so many precious moments: John boy and his muscles, forehead & temple kisses, tiki bar dates. Mr. Big Strong Army Man. Warning: you’ll DESPERATELY want a Hawaiian vacation after reading TOC! Megan Reinking’s debut novel is perfect for fans of Sophie Sullivan and Sarah Adams!

Ps. be aware of possible triggers: grief, ptsd, night terrors.

Pps. SHIPPING MATT AND PAIGE!!! Book two!? Cross ya fingers!

-grumpy x sunshine
-dual pov
-opposites attract
-mental health rep: post-deployment hero
-she’s chatty & he’s quiet
-flirty banter (you betcha)
-Hawaiian sunsets 🌅
-pool boy vibes 👀
-close proximity (landlord/tenant)
-a smidge of fake dating (!!!)
-gold cliff ipa & hibiscus mai tais
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. Sandy toes & salty kisses. ““You know… if you keep kissing me like that, on the beach… I might never go home,” I tell him. Something shifts in his eyes, and his mouth lifts up into a smirk.”

Thank you Megan Reinking for an advanced copy! Mahalo! 🤙🏼

🎶Song: Sunkissed by khai dreams 🎶

Together we burn by Isabel ibañez

“You keep surprising me,” he says, and there’s a particularly despairing quality to his voice that I find riveting. “I wish you’d stop.”

Arturo y Zarela. Me gusta! The flamenco dancer who has mysterious business with the dragon tamer. Te quiero! Man, these two. I LOVE THEM. I was so engrossed in this story. The first 50 pages are utter pandemonium! HOOKED!

TOGETHER WE BURN is action packed! An ancient city plagued by dragons. Readers will be rooting for Arturo and Zarela! Chanting kiss, kiss, kiss!

There are elbow brushes, people. ELBOW BRUSHES!!!! So what I am trying to say is, you need this novel in your life!!! It was excelente! Perfecto. Buy three copies.

-loathe to love
-“we’re so wrong for each other” BANTER
-dragonador (think matador 🐂 but 🐉)
-flamenco 💃🏼
-sangria with thick slices of golden apple and strawberries
-mouth watering cuisine
-wizards & witches
-mystery & murder
-jaw dropping revelations
-#IsThisAKissingBook: upper YA. open-ish door. “…he pulls me into a kiss, and it’s like every other time. We catch fire.”

Thank you Wednesday Books for an advanced copy!

🎶Song: Animal by Troye Sivan🎶

Places we’ve never been by Kasie west

“Love is a pretty powerful thing.” “It doesn’t take away all of life’s disappointments, but it can provide a nice place to fall.”

GAH!!! This was totally CUTIE!! Sweet and swoony!

Readers are going to want to go on a summer long RV trip. Norah & Skyler. Fluttering in your stomach and the racing of your heart. He washes her feet!! I LOVE THEM! Skyler and Paisley’s sibling dynamic is totally endearing. The conflict was PERFECT! You think you know what’s going to happen but you don’t and Norah and Skyler handled it SO well! Places We’ve Never Been is the perfect summer book! Get it on your sunny season TBR.

-childhood best friends
-loathe to lovers
-second chance
-family dynamics
-road trip
-girls in gaming (Mario Kart)
-sarcastic remarks
-flashback memories
-his thing is HUGS 🥺
-friendship bracelets
-Coke freeze
-#IsThisAKissingBook: young adult, 16+. “He kissed me. I kissed him back, pulling on the front of his shirt to bring him closer.”

Thank you Delacorte Press for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Canyon Moon by Harry Styles 🎶

Spark of ash by Molly e lee

“Harley.” Draven’s voice is in my mind. “You are more than your past. It forged you into the person you are today. A good, strong person who knows the world is worth more than its faults.”

Get your tissues ready.


I love Harley and Draven and their crew! I read this one so fast! Like hyper-speed! I am pleased with the ending, although I am SAD it is over, and I am crossing my fingers for a spin-off. Ryder and Wallace?!

“You have me,” I say. “Then. Now. And always.”

-dual POV
-a mission! A quest to find the Seven Scrolls
-the prophecy of the End Times
-creatures & beasts
-Marvel & Harry Potter
-modern day cheeses
-snarky banter
-fated mates
-found family & friendship bonds
-realm pets
-#IsThisAKissingBook: upper YA. Content warning in the front matter. “If you don’t kiss me, I may set the world on fire.”

Thank you Entangled Teen for an advanced finished copy!

🎶 Song: Be Your Love by Bishop Briggs 🎶

Funny feelings by tarah Dewitt

“…rainstorms always precede something amazing because you came into our life on the tail end of one.”

…to that quote!

If you are a fan of stand up comedy, you will be HOWLING over Funny Feelings.

While stand up comedy isn’t my jam, I enjoyed Tarah’s sophomore novel. There’s humor, character growth, and acceptance. I LOVED Meyer and Farley’s meet-cute. Jones. Swoon. Hazel is adorable and the three of them together are precious. Heart eye emoji. (You can totally type out emojis- IYKYK). The message of being open, putting yourself out there, and making peace with not being able to please everyone (see chapter 28) got me good. Kudos, Tarah. Your “silly streams of words” made my day brighter. You’re talented. You’re brave. Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing your art. 🤟🏼

☂️ THINGS and STUFF ☂️
-friends to lovers
-fake dating
-dual pov
-dual timelines
-grumpy x sunshine
-comedian & her manager
-age gap
-single dad with a Deaf daughter 🤟🏼
-fly away home
-jumping in puddles
-broken umbrellas
-mental health rep: therapy, fear, anxiety
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “…the way he leans down to kiss my cheek, or the way I shamelessly turn into it at the last second so that it lands on the corner of my mouth.”

Thank you Tarah DeWitt for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Just a Cloud Away by Pharrell Williams 🎶

Every summer after by Carley fortune

“You drive me crazy, you know that? You always have.”

Percy & Sam. THIS. BOOK! It. ShAkEs me!!! The fireworks of looooooonging. The pull between Sam and Percy. I FELT IT. Dr. Sam Flooooooorek. Cinnamon roll!

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I’VE READ THIS YEAR! Finding Every Summer After is like winning the book lottery. Flawed characters who are trying to be better. Do better. Betrayal, forgiveness, acceptance, and a hard-earned HEA that will leave readers in tears! A COMPELLING SUMMER LOVE STORY! Perfect for fans of The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (but make it WF) and Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren.

-dual timelines
-friendship bracelets
-classic horror films
-second chance romance
-childhood friends
-the boys next door
-ice cream 🍦
-Barry’s Bay
-betrayal & forgiveness
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “…he kisses me with so much care I can feel my heart relax a little…”

🎶 Song: You and I by LEON 🎶

Something Wilder by Christina lauren

”Bradley laughed softly. “You are so whipped, Leo.” “You don’t know the half of it.” Leo pushed his hair off his head and leaned closer to the paper again.”

Woooboy! This was like The Goonies meets Indian Jones. (Plays Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack). Adventure is out there!

Leo Grady. SWOON. Lovesick City Boy. 🥰 Definitely part of the mathletes. 🤓 Something Wilder is giving me BIG The Inheritances Games vibes but make it adult. I really enjoyed it! A little mystery. A little romance. Leo & Lily forever!! Give it a whirl, Cowboy!

…Alright. Let’s chant it together: Walter and Nicole. Water and Nicole.

-second chance romance
-there’s one one tent with only one sleeping bag
-oh no, you’re wounded! Hurt/comfort.
-Lily’s spiced hot chocolate
-action, adventure, & mystery
-codes & ciphers & riddles
-twist & turns
-Butch Cassidy, Jesse James, & Buffalo Bill
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. There’s a lot of grabbing her face and pulling her in for a kiss and just returned from war kisses. And I’m here for it!!

Big thanks to Gallery Books and Leo PR for an advanced finished copy!

🎶 Song: Go You Own Way by Fleetwood Mac 🎶