Holiday romance by Catherine walsh

“Think about something that makes you happy,” I say, clicking the button again. He smirks. “Like you?”

Molly & Andrew. She’s a real life grinch and he’s buddy the elf. A festive holiday romance!

-dual timelines
-friends to lovers
-reverse grumpy sunshine
-Chicago to Ireland ✈️
-I’ll be home for Christmas
-his scarf. ON HER.
-travel size Tabasco
-hot chocolate. with a little bit of cinnamon. and three marshmallows
-watching movies & eating junk food
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door (pg-13). It starts with a kiss under the mistletoe that leads to kissing again for scientific reasons.

🎶 Song: I’ll be home for christmas by bing crosby 🎶

The bridge kingdom by Danielle Jensen

“Since the moment I set eyes on you in Southwatch, there’s been no one but you. Even if I’m a goddamned fool for it, there will never be anyone but you.”

Aren & Lara. King & Queen. One kingdom to save. One kingdom to destroy. Wooooboy! This was amazing! I plowed through TBK. Readers will be HOOKED by the first chapter. Dang! She savage! Dang again, cliff hanger!! TTQ!! Loved it. Read it.

-dual pov
-arranged marriage
-enemies to lovers
-warrior princesses
-captivating world building
-politics & diplomacy
-fighting & hunting
-promises & threats & bribes
-kill or be killed
-oh, no you’re wounded!
-oh, no you’re a spy!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

🎶 Song: Who Are You by SVRCINA 🎶

Just between us by Madison Wright

”You shouldn’t say things like that.” I stare down at her, confused. She must see it too, because she murmurs, “It makes it very hard to stay away from you.”

Ellie & Camden. Or Daisy & Dave. wink. JBU is super cutie! A great holiday read for fall & christmas!

-shooting stars
-dual pov
-best friends husbands best friend
-forbidden love: tenant & landlord
-opposites attract
-found family
-Ethel & her chocolates
-Halloween scavenger hunt
-oh no, you’re wounded! Hurt/comfort
-too sweet tea before bed & homemade soup
-Nashville setting
-picnic under the stars
-pineapple on pizza
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “I really wish I could kiss you right now.”

Thank you Madison Wright for an arc! Just Between Us is on shelves NOW!

🎶Song: They Don’t Know About Us by Drake McCain 🎶

The do-over by lynn painter

“Why are you smiling like that?” I shrugged. “Because I just kind of like you, I think.” “Oh, you think?” he drawled, giving me a teasing smirk that did wild things to my insides.”

Nick and Emilie.

He’s all broody and surly and she’s all shot up with happy fairy dust. A very terrible Valentine’s Day lived over and over. A nightmare loop.

Someone get me in that loop! 100% want to be stuck with Nickie.

Let me tell you…I LOVE THIS BOOK. I LAUGHED UNTIL I FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR. I CRIED (!!!) BECAUSE NICHOLAS STARK IS A DREAM. I have to confess that I think I am in love with Lynn Painter. And with this. She is magical and she is the ultimate little love lover!

The Do-Over checks all my romance boxes and Nick Stark completely swept me off my feet. I am incandescently happy!

-a brief time loop
-enemies to lovers
-to do lists
-lab partners in chem
-Jess Mariano vibes (nailed it!)
-Sisqo’s 1999 hit (IYKYK)
-piggyback rides
-an epic promposal
-four to five cups of Sleepytime tea every day
-sharing ketchup blobs
-family dynamics
-sarcastic teasing
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Get yo’ mind out of the gutter, you perv! This is a young adult book! “I kissed the tip of his nose.” But don’t worry Lynn brings the hubba hubba. “…he kissed me like he’d been dying to kiss me for the whole of his life.”

Thank you Lynn Painter for an advanced copy. I over annotated it like the psychotic stage five clinger that I am… because I loved every page!!

Ps. reader be aware of possible triggers: death of a sibling, divorce.

🎶Song: fOoL fOr YoU by ZAYN🎶

Merry Ex-mas by Courtney walsh

“But Marin?” He says I walk past. I stop. “Yeah?” He gives me a slight wince. “It’s probably not going to be fake for me.“

Marin & Max. M & M. You know what’s a good word? Jovial. You know who is jovial. Courtney Walsh. So celebrate the greatest season of the whole year with Merry Ex-Mas! The jolliest Christmas story with the best things and stuff.

-second chance romance
-childhood friends
-small town
-matchmaking moms
-forced proximity
-dual pov
-peppermint creamer
-Christmas traditions
-ice skating
-oh no, you’re sick

-IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “He shakes his head, almost to himself, and then reaches for my hand. “I know. And I regret it more than anything.” He looks at my hand before pressing and kiss to my palm.“

Thank you Courtney Walsh for a review copy!

TW: parental death, grief.

🎶Song: Christmas All Over Again by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 🎶

The co-op by tarah Dewitt

“I kiss the worried crease between her brows. “Thank you for telling me that, but you don’t need to worry about me, love. You do what you gotta do, tell her whatever you need to. And I’ll be here for you when you get home.” At that, she starts crying in earnest.”

Brb. 🥹🤧 okay, but in all seriousness. Read ALL of Tarah’s books. Kthanksloveyoubye.

-dual pov
-second chance romance
-childhood crush
-forced proximity
-marriage of convenience
-reverse grumpy sunshine
-family dynamics
-old records
-team building
-slow dancing
-cactus garden
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “And then she leans over and kisses my shoulder through my shirt, in such a soft and familiar way that something splinters inside me at it.”

Thank you Tarah for an advanced copy! The Co-op is on shelves now!

🎶 Song: Come And Get Your Love by Redbone 🎶

Belladonna by Adalyn grace

“Hello little bird. Come to stab me again?”

Sylas and Signa. …And Death? This book is ADDICTING and totally CAPTIVATING! Beware of that ending that will leave reader dyingggggg for more! FOXGLOVE 2023!

The quintessential autumnal fantasy story.

“I have waited for you for millennia, Signa Farrow. Since the dawn of this earth, I have waited. You are mine, and lam yours. And together, this world is ours.”

-enemies to lovers
-forced proximity
-gothic romantasy
-Bridgerton meets Clue
-help, I can’t get on my horse
-oh no, there’s only one horse
-a lady’s guide to beauty and etiquette
-wealth, rumors, and mystery
-#IsThisAKissingBook: upper YA. “If there was one constant that Signa could count on, it was that no matter where she was, Death would find her.”

🎶 Song: Little bird by Jenny Owen Youngs 🎶

Would you rather by allison Ashley

“Being around you is my happy place.”

Mia & Noah. Besties and cuties. Super adorable. Super fun. Super… buy it. I love Allison Ashley and I will read and stan all her books! 10/10 recommend!

“Stop thinking so hard and just marry me already.”

-friends to lovers
-opposites attract
-text messages
-chicken 🍗
-eating wings & watching the bachelorette
-three words: would you rather…
-marriage of convenience
-teasing antics & pranks
-chronic illness rep
-oh no, you’re wounded!
-forced proximity
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. Practice kissing. You know, to make sure it’s believable. Yup. Uh-huh.

🎧 Song: moon and back by jvke 🎧

The final gambit by jennifer lynn barnes

“I would die to protect you. I would make you hate me to keep you safe because damn it, Avery- some things are too precious to gamble.”

I love Jameson Winchester Hawthorne. Hearts and lives at stake. Who took Toby? And why? The clock is ticking. Game on.

Did I solve any games? Nope. Did I love it? Yup. Thoroughly entertained and satisfied with the conclusion! A page turner!

-knives out
-puzzles riddles and games
-inheritance & forgiveness
-envy, revenge, enemies
-traps upon traps
-four brothers
-#IsThisAKissingBook: young adult. Smooches with a certain Hawthorne brother.

🎶 Song: Checkmate by Conan Gray 🎶

Built to last by erin Hahn

“I had you first, and I’ll have you last.”…”It’s only fair. I’ve been yours since the moment I saw you.”

Cameron & Shelby. Romance readers will go bonkers for this OTP! Mooning and pining. He looks at her like she put the ever-loving stars in the sky. There are missed connections, bad timing, always leaving…but maybe their timing isn’t as bad!

“Stay with me and we can build something together.”

-former co-stars on a children’s TV show
-friends to lovers
-second chance romance
-historical restoration
-first love
-his old Detroit Tigers tee
-road trip! antiquing and a b & b
-grand gestures
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

Thank you SMP Romance for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Call It Dreaming by Iron & Wine 🎶