Something Wilder by Christina lauren

”Bradley laughed softly. “You are so whipped, Leo.” “You don’t know the half of it.” Leo pushed his hair off his head and leaned closer to the paper again.”

Woooboy! This was like The Goonies meets Indian Jones. (Plays Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack). Adventure is out there!

Leo Grady. SWOON. Lovesick City Boy. 🥰 Definitely part of the mathletes. 🤓 Something Wilder is giving me BIG The Inheritances Games vibes but make it adult. I really enjoyed it! A little mystery. A little romance. Leo & Lily forever!! Give it a whirl, Cowboy!

…Alright. Let’s chant it together: Walter and Nicole. Water and Nicole.

-second chance romance
-there’s one one tent with only one sleeping bag
-oh no, you’re wounded! Hurt/comfort.
-Lily’s spiced hot chocolate
-action, adventure, & mystery
-codes & ciphers & riddles
-twist & turns
-Butch Cassidy, Jesse James, & Buffalo Bill
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. There’s a lot of grabbing her face and pulling her in for a kiss and just returned from war kisses. And I’m here for it!!

Big thanks to Gallery Books and Leo PR for an advanced finished copy!

🎶 Song: Go You Own Way by Fleetwood Mac 🎶

Book of night by Holly black

“Charlie Hall, he whispered into her hair. “There will never be anyone like you.”

WOW! That was WILD. Book of Night reads like a mystery with fantasy elements and I was HOOKED.

While I am primarily a romance reader, I was drawn to Holly Blacks debut adult novel like a moth to a wool sweater! I NEEDED answers and I HAD to know how it was all going to end. The plot twists were GOOD. The ending was JAW DROPPING. I’m crossing my fingers for a sequel. And I’m crossing my fingers even more for Vince and Charlie. UP the LOVE in book two!

-past vs. present timelines
-Peter Pan’s shadow but make it villainous (aka shadow magic)
-Hans Christian Andersen’s, The Shadow
-Makers Mark. Neat.
-a cat named Lucipurrr
-heists & lies & lifts
-murder mystery
-the plot twists of ALL plot twists
-#IsThisAKissingBook: pg-13 content. However, check for other TW.

Thank you Tor Books for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Shadows by Sabrina Carpenter 🎶

A cursed heart by Jenny hickman

“No. No, it’s not. Your heart-” His forehead dropped to mine, and he said with the sweetest smile, “You are my heart.”

ALRIGHT. OH. EM. GEEEE!!! I LOVE RIAN!! MORE RIAN! GIMME PRINCE OF DECEPTION STAT! Eying him like a slice of delicious cake! Such a tender villain (hello, morally grey hero).

SO. MUCH. SWOONING. An island plagued by magic and mythical monster. Secrets, glamours, and lies. “Pity the girl from Graystones, who love a heartless prince. For the only way to save him was at her own expense.” I LOVED IT! BRAVO, JENNY!

-loathe to love
-magic & curses & sacrifices
-sister stories
-betrothal contract
-Bridgerton but make it fantasy
-gardening & cooking
-snarky banter
-two fae princes and a pooka (found family)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. Featherlight kisses, hair kisses, true love’s kiss.

Thank you Jenny Hickman for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Play with Fire by Sam Tinnesz ft. Yacht Money 🎶

Set on you by amy Lea

“RITCHIE_SCOTTY7: There’s something wrong with my phone. CURVYFITNESSCRYSTAL: ?? RITCHIE_SCOTTY7: It doesn’t have your number in it.”

oh em gee!! Scott Landon Ritchie! Stone-cold fox. Cinnamon roll! Six-foot-two alpha male fireman. No words to properly encapsulate the kaleidoscope of feelings (FEELINGS) I have toward him and Amy Lea’s debut novel!

Set on You will leave readers star-fishing on the floor with a million and one hearts bursting around their head. Readers will be swooning like a teenage girl at a 1D concert. (I speak from personal experience). I LOVED THIS. I am a sucker for pop-culture references. I feel that it makes the characters and situations more relatable. Like, hey, I love that show too! I want to be BFFs with Crystal, Tara, and Mel! Set on You is perfect for fans of Abby Jimenez and Lyssa Kay Adams. Lunge at that preorder button like a flying squirrel!

☝🏼Me to Set on You/Scott Ritchie.

Ps. Can we get one of those first responder calendars with Scott?

Note: see author’s note for possible sensitive topics.

-nemesis to lovers
-mid 2000s pop culture references
-Lizzo (shout out to Sisqo)
-grand gestures
-pick up lines & witty banter
-communicating in gifs
-Chris Evans firefighter hero channeling the spirit of Darth Vader
-strong, curvy, biracial Chinese heroine
-body positivity, respect, & self-acceptance
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “His kiss is a revival. It’s full of life…”

Thank you Berkley for an advanced copy!! And thank you Amy for allowing me to be a part of the sisterhood of the traveling ARC!!

Pps. My only complaint (LOL- not a true complaint) is that this is Amy’s debut novel which means there’s no back list or anything else of Lea’s to binge. 😉 Crossing my fingers for MORE!! 🤞🏼Amy Lea has become an auto-buy author for me! 😘

🎶 Song: Cuz I Love you by Lizzo 🎶

Book Lovers by emily henry

“Fresh tears sting my eyes. He just barely smiles. “I honestly think you’re perfect, Nora Stephens.”

I honestly think YOU’RE perfect, Emily Henry.

Me, when I get my preorder of Book Lovers.

I adore this book! ADORE! Charlie and Nora had such tender moments. There’s vulnerability, grief, anger, fear, anxiety. The feeling of not being enough. There is so much longing and heart and love in this story! And of course, the banter!

I need that physical copy!

BOOK LOVERS Recommend Emily Henry! (IYKYK)


must read to find out! But you’ll fall out of your chair, it’s so funny!

-loathe to love
-small town romance stories
-publishing & agenting
-sister stories
-making lists
-piggyback rides
-red race car bed
-Hepburn night
-two opposing magnets
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “Stomach-flipping kiss”.

Thanks a million Berkley Romance for an advanced copy.

🎶 Song: Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor 🎶

Perfect distraction by allison Ashley

“Lauren.” The rough, husky tone of his voice sent a tingle down her spine.”If you only knew what happens to me every time I look at you.”


GOODNESS! 100 STARS! Allison Ashley knows how to write 🔥 flirting and banter and tension! I LOVED THIS. So, so much! Andrew and Lauren are chef’s kiss. Heartfelt and captivating. Perfection! They’re both a little possessive and I AM HERE FOR IT!! Like, he’s all, “She’s MY pharmacist.” SIR! He’s facing something horrible but gaining the most beautiful thing. GAH!! Perfect Distraction is an excellent choice for fans of Sarah Adams, Sophie Sullivan, and Sariah Wilson. 👏🏼

-friends to lovers
-forbidden love
-oncology pharmacist & mediocre attorney
-bad (good) puns & a pun war
-family dynamics (big & loud)
-Andrew & Logan = bromance
-texting banter
-ice cream sundaes
-Love Actually
-roller skating
-cursing w/o actually cursing: Willam Shatner!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “I have to.” His breath caressed her cheek as he spoke.”…”A kiss could say so many things, and these words had been denied far too long.”

Thanks a MILLION to Allison Ashley who sent me her novel with annotations! I won it in a giveaway! It definitely enhanced my reading experience. You are a GEM! Grateful for you!

🎶 Song: Better by Khalid 🎶

The wedding crasher by mia sosa

”She shoves me away. “I think I hate you right now.” “No, you don’t”, I say, pulling her close. “I think you like me.”

I’m calling it right now. Time of death: 9:42 pm.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. It was hilarious! ROTFL! Like so funny my face hurts!

Solange is unassuming and witty, and I can’t stop smiling at whatever happens to tumble out her mouth. Big Dean!

-dual pov
-fake dating
-forced proximity
-friend & family dynamics
-coffee w/ 20 pumps of nothing
-axe throwing a la NOT Paul Bunyan
-one person fashion shows
-protect the ponies!
-Brazilian culture
-When Harry Met Sally
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “You can’t help yourself, can you?”

🎶 Song: Single Ladies by Beyoncé 🎶

London Prep: The Country House by jillian dodd

“But Noah wants my heart. My entire heart. And he was right before, when he said that I haven’t given it to him fully. And it’s because of Harry.”

President of the Noah William’s fan club here. And let me tell you…Readers will be in LOVE with The Country House. Noah is flirty and…well, you know, he’s not normal. He’s intense and he goes above and beyond. He loves deeply. AND I’M READY FOR MAL AND NOAH! Also, I’m shipping Naomi and Mohammad so hard! Must protect them at all cost! Heads up: Jillian Dodd is Queen of the Cliff and this one is bursting with GAAAAAAAH! Did he really just ask her that?! 😱

-James Bond
-a romance book & some cookies
-clay pigeon shooting
-the boys club + Miss America
-love triangle
-tea & toast
-#IsThisAKissingBook: “I knew you just secretly wanted to kiss me.”

Thank you Jillian Dodd for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: What If I Told You That I Love You by Ali Gatie 🎶

In the weeds by bk borison

“Maybe this is what happy is supposed to be. A person, a place. A single moment in time. Beckett in the hallway helping me untangle the sweatshirts from around my shoulders. A family of cats jostling for our attention as we trip into the kitchen. Tea in the kettle on the stovetop and two mugs sitting side by side right next to it.”

Hello? 911? I would like to report a robbery. The victim? My heart.

In The Weeds is the epitome of spring. A love letter to botanicals. Extremely insightful! Enchanting and romantic and magical. Stunningly atmospheric. THE DETAILS!!! The beauty of community. The very handsome and very stoic farmer. Devastating. Beckett Porter.

sighs dreamily

And sweet, selfless Evie 🥰. Readers will relate to her burnout and her journey to finding simple, quiet joy. She is sunshine and butterflies. My heart is full!

Number of times I cried: |||| 🤧

BRB. I’m going to go live in my Beckett bubble and nurse my book hangover with three packages of fudge stripe cookies and a bottle of sav blanc (heavy pour into a jam jar, obvi).

If you are also like Olaf and enjoy warm hugs, then you will ADORE BK Borison’s sophomore novel. IN THE WEEDS is perfect for fans of Kate Clayborn and Emily Henry. GET THIS ONE ON YOUR SHELF ASAP! (And order EXTRA tabs because you will be underlining all the things).

“Did you find your happy today?”

-dual POV
-enemies to lovers
-grumpy x sunshine
-farmer & social media influencer
-friend & family dynamics
-forced proximity
-oh no, you’re wounded (HURT/COMFORT!!!)
-mental health rep: social anxiety, sound sensitivity.
-fudge stripe cookies
-a pack of kittens and a baby duck
-stars & flowers
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “He kisses me like he’s telling me a thousand secrets, each one something different.”

Thank you times a million to Becs Borison for an advanced copy! I look forward to reading everything you ever write.

🎶Song: You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac 🎶

The Unknown beloved by amy harmon

“I know you, Dani. And you know me. No pretense, remember? You have become…dear…to me. You will always be dear to me.”

Clapping it up for Amy Harmon! Mystery, murder, and the great depression. Intrigued! I fell in love with Michael Malone and Dani Flanagan over a pair of socks. Yup. Socks make me feel crazed! I enjoyed their working relationship and the mystery behind The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. I was highly entertained. SO GOOD! Fantastic. Incredible story telling! chefs kiss. Get The Unknown Beloved on your shelf!

Ps. Don’t skip the authors note! Fascinating information.

-Chicago, 1938
-Eliot Ness, Michael Malone, Al Capone, Francis Sweeney
-corruption & murder & justice
-age gap
-grumpy x sunshine
-friends to lovers
-a little orange cat with a mismatched gaze
-warm socks on needy feet
-historical fiction with a paranormal twist
-peppermint candies
-Emily Dickinson
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “he might be happy kissing the back of her hand for the rest of his life.” “with dreamlike ferocity.”

“Unable are loved to die, for love is immortality.”

Thank you Amy Harmon for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Sweet Leilani by Bing Crosby 🎶