A queen of thieves and chaos by ka tucker

“You are the one who forged this alliance. You keep telling me I do not trust enough.” “I don’t trust anyone with you. You’re my heart.”

Romeria, Zander, Atticus, Gracen, and Jarek. I love all these characters!! Book three: will Islor finally be free of the blood curse? An ENTHRALLING installment of the fate & flame series! Highly recommend! Easily five stars. Forever a fan of this series! I’m dying for more Eden & Jarek! And I am SUPER liking Atticus! The pinning over a mortal 🫠 The world building, the action, the adventure… it all gets better with each novel. KA Tucker is a real talent! I dare you not to fall in love with these books.

“In case it wasn’t clear, any threat against my household is a threat against the throne, and it will be dealt with accordingly.” With that, I spin on my heels, marching toward the war room, blood dripping from my blade.”

-multiple pov
-affinities & shadows
-fates & nymphs
-wyverns, nethertaur, & grifs
-threats & treachery & imminent death
-vials of poison
-war is coming
-single mom (gracen, the mortal baker)
-touch her & I’ll unalive you
-court intrigue
-a giant, fire breathing dragon
-the plot twist of ALL plot twists!!!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. rooting for Atticus!!

Thank you Valentine PR and KA Tucker for an advanced copy!

Song: Cruel World by Phantogram

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