Forget me not by Julie Soto

”…you don’t have to worry about me backing out. You may think everything ends one day, but you haven’t had ‘everything’ with me.”

Ama & Elliot. She’s a wedding planner. he’s a florist and rude is his brand. Broody & broken. Yup. He’s grumpy. They were together. Now they’re not. They’re forced to partner on the same wedding. The second chance romcom of your dreams! Elliot is something special!

🌻what’s your favorite flower?!

-dual pov & timelines: past (his) & present (hers)
-donuts are my love language (donuts push his buttons)
-grumpy x sunshine
-endangered & extinct flower tattoos
-second chance
-work place romance
-family dynamics like her mom can’t just date a person without involving kay jewelers
-yellow Gatorade
-the Greek myth of amaryllis
-oh no, you’re wounded!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. Anaphylactic shock. 911. A must read! 🤭

Thank you read forever for a finished copy!

🎶 Song: At Last by Kina Grannis 🎶

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