Love, theoretically by ali hazelwood

”That’s not how love works, Elsie. But don’t worry for now. I’ll show you.”

Elsie & Jack. She’s not a regular theorist. She’s a cool theorist. She likes cheese and movies with sparkly vampires. (Relatable). And he’s an experimentalist. Theorist + experimentalist = rivals. They’re academic foes. Ali’s books always warm my cardiovascular system. 🥰 a million Jack quotes that are so swoony. This is my fave AH book!

”You are the most magnificent thing that ever happened to me,” and I know it to be true.”

-loathe to love: insulin and glucagon. Rey and Kylo Ren. Galileo and the entire catholic church circa 1615
-women in stem & academia
-twilight & bill nye
-physics dad jokes
-type 1 diabetes rep
-he’s so gone for her/he falls first
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “He kisses the tip of my nose.” Fave. “He leans down to kiss my forehead.” Cutie.

Thank you berkely romance for an advanced copy.

Song: 15 Step by Radiohead

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