Fourth wing by Rebecca yarros

“Did you get enough to drink? Or eat?” “I brought everything I needed in my pack. You don’t have to worry about me.” “Worrying about you is ninety-nine percent of what I do.” His thumb strokes the back of my hand.

Violet & Xaden. She’s a cadet and he’s the wingleader. Four quadrants: riders, healers, scribes, infantry. And in the riders quadrant, you either graduate or die. Everything about this quadrant is designed to weed out the weak. Riders defend the defenseless!

Hogwarts for college kids meets divergent factions. With dragons! And a smidge of hunger games… bc not enough dragons for everyone. Edge of your seat, highly entertaining, totally addictive fantasy romance. A MUST read! Absolutely bingeable!

-loathe to love
-bonded dragons
-lesser magic
-the gauntlet, hand to hand combat, daggers
-I’m going to kill you. SIKE ily.
-he falls first
-banter with humans & banter with dragons.
-wielding: ice, wind, retrieve, wipe memories, astral project, breathe under water
-war games
-the death roll
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “…but I can’t keep from leaning forward and brushing my lips over her forehead, then her temple. Gods, I’d kiss her forever…”
“You can kill them.” He yanks me close and kisses my forehead. “There is no me without you,” he says against my skin.”

BIG thanks to entangled publishing and red tower books for an advanced copy! I LOVED it!

Song: I’m yours by Isabel LaRosa

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