Meet me at the lake by Carley fortune

“You remember that?” Will’s eyes search my face. Out here, the espresso brown is more like a glass of Coke held up to the light. “I remember everything.”

Fern & Will. One day together. 24 hours. And it completely changes their lives. An idea to meet at her families resort in one year. A Dirty Dancing style resort. Only he’s nine years late. Your heart will be sure to do a rockette kick!

“His voice is quiet. “I’ve never wanted anything for myself the way I want you. I’m completely in love with you.”

-dual timelines
-family owned resort in Canada
-second chance romance
-burning CDs
-that man can wear an apron
-art & graffiti
-interlocking pinkies
-nobody puts baby in a corner
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. It’s like a boop but a kiss. And lots of Eskimo kisses.

Thank you Berkley Romance for an advanced reader copy (ebook).

???? Song: every single night by Fiona Apple ????

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