Practice makes perfect by sarah adams

“Do you like me, Will?” I hold her gaze and squeeze her fingers as her words tug the truth from me like they always do. “Yeah, I do, Annie. Do you like me?” “Yeah. Against my better judgment.”

Annie & Will. William! I mean, Wilson. Wildon! Tender sweetheart of a man ????Romance readers will be reading this with hearts in their eyes! My face hurts from smiling so much. Like obscene surge of butterflies that rush through your stomach! THIS BOOK IS CATNIP FOR THE SOFTIES!!Buy it five times. And then read it ten times. Consecutively.

Ps. DID YOU SEE IT?! James and… ???? chapter 39. Is it true?!

-dual pov
-opposites attract
-Audrey Hepburn in funny face
-friends who pine
-bodyguard & florist
-small town romance
-historical romances of the piratical genre
-joint grocery shopping excursion
-first date anxiety
-dating coach: the bad boy tutoring the good girl
-banana print pajamas
-stern brunch daddy: dude who looks scary is actually all soft and sweet to the person he loves
-oh no, you’re wounded (sick)!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door but this one is HAWT. Spicy. Somebody call 911. IM ON FIRE. It’s still a pg-13 show. “Will hooks his finger under my chin and tilts it up. Before he says anything else, he bends down and kisses me. Long and slow. It’s not an obscene kiss, but it’s so tender my stomach quivers. My heart swoons.”

Thank you Penguin Random House for an advanced copy!

Song: Magnolias by Leon Bridges

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