Happy Place by emily henry

”You don’t date your friends.” “You’re not my friend, Harriet,” he says quietly. “What am I, then?” I ask. “I don’t know,” he says. “But not that.”

Harriet & Wyn. 1. He’s well versed in regency customs. 2. He’s super flirty. 3. He’s voracious with physical touch. 4. Cinnamon roll. He’s a golden boy and her life has been drawn in shades of gray.

Emily Henry’s books are like pulling on a favorite sweatshirt, worn to perfection. Adore her characters and her stories.

”You are in all of my happiest places. You are where my mind goes when it needs to be soothed.”

What’s your happy place?

-the coast of Maine
-dual timelines
-aspiring brain surgeon & restless rancher/
-found family
-second chance
-pretending to be together
-it’s always been you
-there’s only one twin bed
-air horn app
-grocery gladiators
-blueberry ice cream & fries covered in old bay
-crossword puzzles
-learning how to fight & communicate
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. Stolen kiss in a game of sardines (reverse hide and seek). “I’m not going to stop fighting for you, Harriet.“

Thank you Berkley romance for an advanced e-copy! Ps. Cover edit bc how cute is the UK cover?!

Song: Graduation by Vitamin C (IYKYK)

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