The secret service of tea and treason by India Holton

”You know when you open a new book and realize it’s going to be perfect?” He whispered. “Yes,” Alice said. “That’s how I feel when I look at you.“

Alice & Daniel. The lady’s maid & butler. Or are they?! India Holton’s novels = jolly good stuff! Please do read! Top-notch! ???????? highly recommend!

-infamous pirates & witches
-master of disguise
-fake marriage
-rivals: loathe to love
-a mission
-en garde! ⚔️ hi-yah! ????????
-a ball. I do not dance. But you did the conga the other night. Under duress!
-pistols & bombs
-idioms & books
-gothic castle featuring resident attic lunatic
-a spot of hot pursuit
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “Kissing on the street in daylight is scandalous behavior,” Charlotte said. “They just beat up more than a dozen men, darling,” Alex pointed out. “I think they’re beyond scandal now.”

Thank you Berkley Romance for an advanced copy & for the free book! #berkleypartner

????Song: Come Away With Me by VSQ ????

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