Divine rivals by Rebecca ross

”Do you think we could live in a world made only of those things? Death and pain and horror? Loss and agony? It’s not a crime to feel joy, even when things seem hopeless. Iris, look at me. You deserve all the happiness in the world. And I intend to see that you have it.”

Iris & Roman. They’re fire and ice. Competing for a position as columnist of the Gazette. The return of two gods. War. Creatures that had lived in myths. “A girl who writes letter to her missing brother, and the boy who reads them.” Ross knows how to stir up feelings in a reader! Enchanting! And the most romantic yet!

-enemies to lovers
-opposites attract
-rival journalists
-letters & typewriters
-the god’s war
-creatures with large, membranous wings, spindly legs hooked with talons and sharp, needle like teeth
-a magical link
-grief & guilt
-I wanted it to be you so badly a la you’ve got mail
-found family
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door.

???? Song: in my head by Peter manos ????

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