A girl called Samson by amy harmon

”He raised his brows, stunned. “We don’t keep women out of war because they are less then.” “No?” I scoffed. “No,” the general shot back. “Men don’t bring their treasure onto the battlefield. They protect it.” He enunciated each word.

Deborah & John. She is courageous, competent, and strong. A rebel. Pioneer and patriot. He is the brigadier general of the men at West Point. A gentlemen through and through. AND… She’s a solider under his command.

BRAVO, Amy. Extraordinarily good! I am sincerely moved by this story. Life and love in the American Revolutionary War. READ IT!

Ps. Please please read the authors note. It’s fascinating! I’m always left in awe over Amy Harmon.

-the revolutionary war
-secret identity: master of disguise
-forbidden love
-death, disappointment, & desperation
-life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness
-faith & hope
-we’re under attack!
-mutineers & uprising
-the book of revelation
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door, non-explicit. “Shh. I’m fine. Sleep,” he murmured. I thought he pressed a kiss to my crown, but maybe it was just his breath, stirring my hair.”

Thank you Amy for an advanced copy!

???? Song: Soldier by Fleurie ????

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