The Belle of Belgrave square by Mimi matthews

“I believe, ma’am, that you have a beautiful soul. That you are a beautiful soul. I don’t expect that will alter with age.”

Julia & Jasper. She’s a sickly wallflower heiress (or is she?) and he’s the stern-faced, battle-scarred ex-military man. Captain Blunt, the ruthless hero, who is in need of a bride with a sizable dowry.

Simmering tension! Tender reassurance! Emotional connection! Trust & kindness. Respect. I am besotted with this story! ALL AROUND PERFECTION!

-London, 1862
-dual pov
-reading ???? & riding ????
-marriage of convenience
-friends to lovers
-there’s only one bed
-hades & Persephone
-beauty & the beast
-sleeping beauty
-the fourth floor is forbidden
-single parent
-social anxiety rep
-“Isn’t it obvious? I’m rescuing you.”
-pLoT tWiST!!!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: slow burn. Closed door. “There,” he rasped, brining his forehead to rest gently against hers. “Is this a first kiss worthy of remembering?”

???? Song: evermore by hollow coves ????

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