My phony valentine by courtney walsh

”We fit,” I blurt out. He looks confused for a moment. “What?” “On the couch when we fall asleep. When I hug you when you’re hurting. When you protect me from the world.” I look up at him. “We fit.”

Pops & Sugar Bear. I mean, Dallas. And Poppy. Poppy & Dallas. She’s a small town chef & he’s a super star hockey player. He’s sworn off women but they’re going to fake a relationship. He’s obviously never seen a romcom. Anyway… four weeks to help his reputation and for her to pay back her debt.

-dual pov
-small town, Loveland: if you leave the house, you’re going to see someone you know
-fake dating
-hockey 🏒
-the {rumor} mill 📰 & text the tea 📱
-Pretty Woman meets The Proposal
-contractual terms for the relationship
-redemption & understanding & grace & forgiveness
-festival of hearts
-CODA rep: child of a deaf adult 🤟🏼
-stay away from her vibes
-romantic (grand) gesture
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “Acceptable PDA as needed: hand holding, light kissing. Poppy doesn’t want to be trashy about it, though she freely admits that kissing Dallas could be an excellent way to pass the time.”

Thank you Courtney Walsh for an advanced copy!

🎶Song: kiss you by one direction 🎶

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