Do I know you by emily wibberley and Austin siegemund-broka

“Can I buy you a drink?” His question comes out uneven, like the first table read of whatever scene we’re setting here. Still, I smile. Not too much, though. “Maybe,” I say. “Did vou buy one for David?” Brow furrowing, Graham studies me. “No, but I’m not flirting with David. No offense,”…

Eliza & Graham. Hit over the head with romance? Yup. The cute stranger at the bar?! It’s Graham. HER husband. Sweetie pie. A married couple who isn’t completely disconnected…Just out of touch. Is there a way back? Will they be brave enough to find it? Readers will be rooting for this OTP! You’re going to want to read this one!

-marriage in trouble: ily but idk you
-make believe: we’re strangers
-dual pov
-high profile lawyer & audiobook voice actress
-banana milkshakes
-hikes, hot tubs, & hotel champagne
-banter!!! 🤌🏼 chemistry!!!
-bromance: Graham & David
-wine tasting & speed dating
-communication & vulnerability & honesty
-date your spouse
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “Best kiss of my life.” “Last night you kissed me.” … “I did.”… “Is there a chance for a follow up?”

Thank you Emily & Austin for hosting a giveaway for an advanced reader copy! I won!

🎶 Song: Come Back Home by Sophia Carson 🎶

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