Edgewood by Kristen ciccarelli

“That’s how this world works,” Grace said, her voice heavy with longing. “You have to give up something precious if you want something precious in return.”

Emeline & Hawthorne. The singer & the tithe collector. autum equinox. The seasons turn. The Wood King collects his tithes. Edgewood… a place where people believed the forest took things from them.

If you like a boy who likes to read, and kept his house cozy, and made his guests soup from scratch this book is for you!

-enemies to lovers
-folk singer with a pop vibe (heroine)
-the wood king’s tithe collector (hero)
-ancient creatures: shadow skins & ember mares & shiftlings & dragons & a witch
-eep! rattling doors & rotating knobs
-there’s only one horse
-a cursed territory
-uh oh, we have to work together
-oh no, you’re wounded: hurt/comfort
-making bread
-poetry & art
-plot twist! plot twist again!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. so sweet & tender & softie.

🎶 Song: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen 🎶

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