Back in a spell by Lana harper

”Honestly, what I’m trying to say-very poorly-is that I’m more impressed than anything.” “By what?” I asked, smiling a little at the flattery, because I could feel that it was genuine. “By you,” he said simply, his eyes shifting between mine.”

Nina & Morty. Witch & normie. She’s an attorney by day, profound nerd by night. He’s a bartender with the screen name, lowkeyloki. And poof all of a sudden he’s a padawan witch because these two are husband and wife. Aka the magical version of eloping to Vegas while severely inebriated. Must read to find out the connection between their marriage and a magical power surge!

-oops, we’re accidentally witch married
-self discovery: Nina gets her groove back
-puff pastries & cake
-portals & magic & spells
-founding family in a small town
-cold, cozy winter vibes
-mental health & identity rep
-Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star, Pacific Rim, Supernatural
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “He tugged me close, for a quick, soft kiss on the cheek…the casual, easy affection of it.”

Thanks Berkley Romance for the free book!

🎶Song: Black Magic Woman by VCTRYS 🎶

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