Just haven’t met you yet by sophie cousins

“But there’s something about this that feels so real. Everything about this man in this case, it all fits with my story. It is too perfect not to mean something, for it not to be a sign. This must be him, my Great Love, delivered to me in a black carry-on suitcase.”

Ted & Laura. It’s Ted & Laura! Not Mr. Black carry-on suitcase. He’s her guff & surly taxi driver and she’s on a mission to find the owner of the suitcase she accidentally grabbed. It’s serendipity!

-haribo giant strawbs
-nora ephron & classic romcom’s
-grumpy x sunshine
-cab rides
-ryan gosling sweater fantasy
-serendipity & fate
-katniss/gale/peeta situations (v mild triangle)
-grand gestures
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “Klabammo”

🎶Song: IDK You Yet by Alexander 23 🎶

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