The Serpent and the wings of night by carissa Broadbent

”Maybe,” he admitted. “Desperate men do desperate things. And I- I believed in you, Oraya.”

Oraya and Raihn. THE escapism book to read!! Perfect blend of fantasy and romance. SO much action. Chef’s kiss world building. A real page turner! A savage tournament of five trials with only one winner. Think: triwizard cup meets a quarter quell. But with vampires. ACOTAR/FBAA fans! You need this! I am DESPERATE for more!! Utterly committed to this series!!

”Some would call you a dangerous person.” The corner of his mouth curled. “Not with you.”

-vampires & humans
-the wings & the teeth
-enemies to lovers
-forbidden love
-oh dear! I stabbed you. My b.
-house of night, house of shadow, house of blood
-wielding magic
-politics & war
-tournament to the death
-fight for power vs. fight to survive
-secrets & whispers & questions
-I’m going to kill you. Oops, I fell in love.
-“you’re safe”
-there’s only one horse but make it wings.
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. sLoW bUrN. “I kissed him-kissed that smile- because the idea of not doing so seemed sacrilegious.”

🎶Song: Will I Make It Out Alive by Tommee Profitt and Jessie Early 🎶

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