Happiness for beginners by Katherine center

“Back in town. You gave me a smile.” “Did I? I asked. “I didn’t mean to” “I know. he said. “That made it even better.” “Okay.” “Think I’ll get another one?” He asked. “Because that thing was like sunshine.”

Jake & Hellen. Sheesh! I swooned so achingly over Jake. He’s SO lovable. SO charming. I am lovesick over him. Happiness for Beginners is a MUST READ. And soon to be a Netflix movie! Get it!

-brother’s best friend
-hiking & camping
-rise up from your own ashes like a phoenix
-age gap
-a bromance of the highest order
-scrabble & a bet
-reverse grumpy x sunshine
-pickle the mean, irritable, homely dog
-oh no, you’re wounded!
-chuck norris jokes
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. Kisses for educational purposes only. Okay, maybe for charity. “I’m glad you tricked me into kissing you.”

🎶 Song: Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi 🎶

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