The bridge kingdom by Danielle Jensen

“Since the moment I set eyes on you in Southwatch, there’s been no one but you. Even if I’m a goddamned fool for it, there will never be anyone but you.”

Aren & Lara. King & Queen. One kingdom to save. One kingdom to destroy. Wooooboy! This was amazing! I plowed through TBK. Readers will be HOOKED by the first chapter. Dang! She savage! Dang again, cliff hanger!! TTQ!! Loved it. Read it.

-dual pov
-arranged marriage
-enemies to lovers
-warrior princesses
-captivating world building
-politics & diplomacy
-fighting & hunting
-promises & threats & bribes
-kill or be killed
-oh, no you’re wounded!
-oh, no you’re a spy!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

🎶 Song: Who Are You by SVRCINA 🎶

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