Just between us by Madison Wright

”You shouldn’t say things like that.” I stare down at her, confused. She must see it too, because she murmurs, “It makes it very hard to stay away from you.”

Ellie & Camden. Or Daisy & Dave. wink. JBU is super cutie! A great holiday read for fall & christmas!

-shooting stars
-dual pov
-best friends husbands best friend
-forbidden love: tenant & landlord
-opposites attract
-found family
-Ethel & her chocolates
-Halloween scavenger hunt
-oh no, you’re wounded! Hurt/comfort
-too sweet tea before bed & homemade soup
-Nashville setting
-picnic under the stars
-pineapple on pizza
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “I really wish I could kiss you right now.”

Thank you Madison Wright for an arc! Just Between Us is on shelves NOW!

🎶Song: They Don’t Know About Us by Drake McCain 🎶

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