The co-op by tarah Dewitt

“I kiss the worried crease between her brows. “Thank you for telling me that, but you don’t need to worry about me, love. You do what you gotta do, tell her whatever you need to. And I’ll be here for you when you get home.” At that, she starts crying in earnest.”

Brb. 🥹🤧 okay, but in all seriousness. Read ALL of Tarah’s books. Kthanksloveyoubye.

-dual pov
-second chance romance
-childhood crush
-forced proximity
-marriage of convenience
-reverse grumpy sunshine
-family dynamics
-old records
-team building
-slow dancing
-cactus garden
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “And then she leans over and kisses my shoulder through my shirt, in such a soft and familiar way that something splinters inside me at it.”

Thank you Tarah for an advanced copy! The Co-op is on shelves now!

🎶 Song: Come And Get Your Love by Redbone 🎶

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