Belladonna by Adalyn grace

“Hello little bird. Come to stab me again?”

Sylas and Signa. …And Death? This book is ADDICTING and totally CAPTIVATING! Beware of that ending that will leave reader dyingggggg for more! FOXGLOVE 2023!

The quintessential autumnal fantasy story.

“I have waited for you for millennia, Signa Farrow. Since the dawn of this earth, I have waited. You are mine, and lam yours. And together, this world is ours.”

-enemies to lovers
-forced proximity
-gothic romantasy
-Bridgerton meets Clue
-help, I can’t get on my horse
-oh no, there’s only one horse
-a lady’s guide to beauty and etiquette
-wealth, rumors, and mystery
-#IsThisAKissingBook: upper YA. “If there was one constant that Signa could count on, it was that no matter where she was, Death would find her.”

🎶 Song: Little bird by Jenny Owen Youngs 🎶

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