From sand and ash by amy harmon

”The only thing that matters to me, the only thing in this whole world that truly scares me is something happening to you. Do you know that? I think I could face anything, endure anything, if I knew for sure you were safe and well.”

Angelo & Eva. Star crossed lovers. Two young people who had always loved the other but didn’t belong together. He is a priest and she is a Jew. This story is so unforgettable! WWII stories are always so painful but beautiful. Finding hope in the middle of horror. The anguish of existing, of feeling joy, when so many cannot. I HIGHLY recommend From Sand and Ash. And ALL of Amy’s books!

-childhood friends
-forbidden love
-sweet & protective hero
-fierce & brave heroine
-confession journals
-A Jew & a priest
-love & war
-secretly collecting info: aka spy
-sacrifice & courage
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open ish door. EPIC love story. Stolen kisses.

🎶 Song: I’ll Never Smile Again by Frank Sinatra 🎶

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