Hands down by mariana zapata

“It was like fightin’ the inevitable. Tryin’ to fight a brick wall. I swear on Paw-Paw’s life, I had zero chance. She came up behind me when I wasn’t expectin’ it and gave me the beatin’ of a lifetime.”

Bianca & Zac. Zac the snack pack. Big Texas personified. This big ol’ book hugged my heart. Infinite kindness. Read it! 


-Big famous football player 

-childhood friends

-second chance romance 

-age gap

-Turkish romcom shows

-the lazy baker watchtube (YouTube) channel 

-Disney princes

-nose boops 

-Taco Bell chalupas 

-close proximity (roommates)


🎶 Song: Jolene by Ray LaMontage ðŸŽ¶

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