Home Sweet Mess by Allison Ashley

“Happy Jeni is beautiful,” he said quietly.…”Grouchy Jeni is too.” He leaned in close. “Flirtatious Jeni, worried-about-her-brother Jeni, and tipsy Jeni. All beautiful. But so far, happy is my favorite.”

Logan & Jeni. These cuties are my faves! Allison Ashley and her books are SO wonderful. Full of chemistry, emotion, humor, and love. 10/10 recommend! Just perfection! Bonus: Allison has a new book, WOULD YOU RATHER, releasing next week!!

-social worker for child protective services
-nfl marketing manager
-brothers best friend
-friends to lovers
-tacos & beers
-football & softball
-text messages 💬
-apple pie
-home brewing
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. Ma’am. Are you trying to kill me?! These kisses!! “I wanted to pull you into my arms and kiss you like my life depends on it.“

🎶 Song: I Didn’t Know by Sophia Carson 🎶

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