Twice shy by sarah Hogle

“I think you walked into my life and absolutely ruined it with how beautiful you are. I haven’t gotten a single decent nights rest since we met”

Wesley & Maybell. Twice Shy is sweeter than frosting on a cupcake and anyone who reads it will probably get a second hand toothache and won’t mind it one bit! Wesley is gawky, shy, uncomfortable, and unintentionally charming. Clean up on aisle three! 🫠

I AM WEAK!! Weeeeak. This book is raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens and I need everyone to read it. K thanks love you bye.

-enemies to lovers
-forced proximity
-grumpy x sunshine
-baking donuts
-home reno & art
-meddling great aunt (deceased)
-writing notes
-sweet tea & hot chocolate
-fate & myths
-hotel & animal sanctuary
-trust falls
-mental health rep: social anxiety
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door/fade to black. “His kiss is the Fourth of July, a southern summer night. Circadas and the tongues of smoke off of burning firework-hiss. pop.”

🎶 Song: Happiness by The 1975 🎶

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