Peanut by Lucy watson

”Neanderthals.” He picks up his beer, raising sharp brows. “I’m part caveman.” Hello, weird turn. My lips twitch. “You’re part caveman?” I repeat in a flat tone that lets him know he’s ridiculous. He gives a caveman grunt and takes a swig of his beer, his eyes glinting with something that frees my trapped smile. “Fine.” I play along with an exaggerated sigh. “What does being a caveman have to do with force-feeding me your steak?” He sets down his beer, wiping his mouth and grinning, and I instantly regret asking. “Simple. My caveman instincts demand that I hunt and feed you. Protect you from saber-tooth tigers. Build fires to keep you warm while I pick lice out of your hair.” He cuts into another piece of steak like he didn’t just say all that. I can’t help but laugh. “Pick lice out of my hair?”

Riley and Nick. Can a book be so cute it hurts? Yes. It can. I LOVE THIS BOOK. I’m going to read it 500 times. Consecutively. It was hilarious. SO swoony. Nicholas, the sweet boy who saves snails from the sidewalk. GOO. If you’re a fan of Sarah Adams’ humor and a good slow burn a la Mariana Zapata, you MUST read Peanut.

Lucy Watson’s sophomore novel (and Nick) did a double pirouette on my heart!

-stepbrothers best friend
-childhood crush
-friends to lovers
-ballet dancer x tattoo artist
-underneath his tough tattooed exterior is a soft marshmallow (he also wears Clark Kent glasses!!!)
-Daisy the pit bull, hellhound who rivals a silverback gorilla
-a family of fur babies
-sugar coffee & Cocoa Puffs
-Taco Bell
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “It wasn’t an accidental lip brush—it was a lip-brush kiss. I think.” And we got nose boops people!!!

🎶 Song: River by Bishop Briggs 🎶

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