The ohana cottage by Megan Reinking

“I like when you smile,” I say softly, looking back down at the ground. “I like when you make me smile,” he answers, sending butterflies into a tailspin in my stomach.”

John & Mia ✨ The Ohana Cottage is a little slice of paradise! I loved it! I devoured it. There were so many precious moments: John boy and his muscles, forehead & temple kisses, tiki bar dates. Mr. Big Strong Army Man. Warning: you’ll DESPERATELY want a Hawaiian vacation after reading TOC! Megan Reinking’s debut novel is perfect for fans of Sophie Sullivan and Sarah Adams!

Ps. be aware of possible triggers: grief, ptsd, night terrors.

Pps. SHIPPING MATT AND PAIGE!!! Book two!? Cross ya fingers!

-grumpy x sunshine
-dual pov
-opposites attract
-mental health rep: post-deployment hero
-she’s chatty & he’s quiet
-flirty banter (you betcha)
-Hawaiian sunsets 🌅
-pool boy vibes 👀
-close proximity (landlord/tenant)
-a smidge of fake dating (!!!)
-gold cliff ipa & hibiscus mai tais
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. Sandy toes & salty kisses. ““You know… if you keep kissing me like that, on the beach… I might never go home,” I tell him. Something shifts in his eyes, and his mouth lifts up into a smirk.”

Thank you Megan Reinking for an advanced copy! Mahalo! 🤙🏼

🎶Song: Sunkissed by khai dreams 🎶

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