Luck of the draw by kate clayborn

“Obviously I don’t know you all that well,” she says into the quiet I’ve left there. “But I think I know him, and boy did he look at you with something fierce in his eyes.”

Luck of the Draw is captivating and I completely fell for Aiden and Zo. TOP Kate Clayborn OTP! Chance of a Lifetime 2 is beautiful and heart-wrenching. There’s grief and guilt and regret. Friendship (I love that Ben has totally joined the friend group), healing, and forgiveness. This one will have you laughing, crying (the epilogue!!!), and sitting in your feelings. Read it. It’s a GEM.

“In this story you’re telling… we rescue each other.”

-dual POV
-fake dating
-loathe to love
-guilt jar (think swear jar)
-lawyer & paramedic
-“Oh no, you’re wounded!” (hurt/comfort)
-second chances
-summer camp
-#IsThisAKissingBook: 0pen door. “Zoe gives me a goofy thumbs-up, blows me a kiss.”

🎶 Song: Be My Mistake by The 1975 🎶

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