What the wind knows by amy harmon

“I fell so fast, so hard, and so completely. Not because love is blind, but because… it’s not. Love isn’t blind, it’s blinding. Glaring. I looked at you, and from the very first day, I knew you. Your faith and your friendship, your goodness and your devotion. I saw it all, and I fell so hard. And the feeling continues to grow. My love is so big and full and brimming that I can’t breathe around it.”

I am a woman besotted. With Thomas Smith and his romantic musings. 🥺😭🤧

Emotions: anguish and heartache! Abundant joy!

What the Wind Knows is a hauntingly beautiful love story that will be a number one recommendation. UTTERLY tender. Unputdownable. Perfection 😘🤌🏼.

-time travel
-Ireland, 1921
-Oisín & Niamh
-oppression & revolution
-war & peace
-W. B. Yeats
-journal entries
-hurling sticks
-#IsThisAKissingBook: partially closed door. “She beamed up at me, stealing my breathe, and I leaned down to kiss her smiling mouth, not caring at all that we had an audience.”

🎶 Song: I Will Find You by Dune Moss 🎶

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