Beginner’s Luck by kate clayborn

“He looks back up and smiles at me. “I like you,” he says, and I stiffen in surprise and a fair bit of anger.”

Three girlfriends buy a lottery ticket AND win! Will the girls also find themselves lucky in love? Ben and Kit. Full-blown crush on this OTP. There’s a sweetness to Ben. And he’s oh, so charming. Beginner’s Luck is a GEM. Kate Clayborn is a master with the details. The Chance of a Lifetime series is a must read!

-dual POV
-found family & family dynamics
-women in STEM
-lottery winnings
-a unique appreciation for old things
-a very good (swoon) apology
-dad jokes
-#IsThisAKissingBook: mild open door. “It’s as natural as breathing for me to press my mouth against her hair, to inhale her scent while I hold her close to me.”

🎶 Song: Time after Time by Iron & Wine 🎶

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