The enemy by sarah adams

“Ryan, I… Well, I…” I can’t get the words out. I feel them, but I can’t say them. His face is soft as his mouth tilts into a smile, and he pushes the hair back from my face.”I know. You don’t have to say it yet.” Again, such compassion. It disarms me.

The Enemy is sunshine pokin’ through a rainstorm. Grinnin’ the size of the Grand Canyon. Heart emojis fillings’ your eyes. Droppin’ into full-blown crush mode. Gigglin’ like a ding-dong. Only sarah adams can write Frodo Baggins into a romcom. You know what they say… love is war.

If you like meltin’ into the floor then you absolutely NEED to read ALL of sarah adams novels.

-the king of 1990’s hot guys: Nick Lachey
-donuts 🍩
-bff’s boyfriends friend
-dual pov
-second chance romance
-childhood friends
-enemies to lovers
-baseball hat but sitting backwards on his head
-games & pranks
-mr darcy
-#IsThisAKissingBook: womens fiction. Romantic comedy- closed door. “He kisses like freaking Casanova”. “Just shut up and kiss me, you loon.”

🎶 Song: open your eyes by John Legend 🎶

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