A River enchanted by Rebecca ross

“Whatever comes in the days ahead, I am with you, he said. “If you want to go to the mainland, I will take you there. If you want to remain in the east, so will I. And if you want to venture into the west, let me be at your side.”

“Welcome home, my old menace.” Childhood enemies team up to solve the mystery of the missing lasses. Rebecca Ross is magical. She has a talent for telling vivid stories! Readers will be turning the pages, seeking answers! I adore grumpy Jack! He’s so swoony! And bonus Jonas! There are TWO OTPs: Torin x Sidra and Jack x Adaira. I was tap, tap, tapping on my kindle to see if the two halves (clans) of the isle were going to be united. A LOT of intrigue throughout the novel! I may or may not have gotten a TEENY TINY bit weepy at the end (my heart!) and I am going to say, I NEED book two!

“If you seek a portal, a passage that will lead you into the spirits’ realm, Graeme began, “you need one of two things: an invitation, or your eyes opened.”

-rich world building: the mortal world & the domain of spirits
-solving mysteries
-childhood friends
-enemies to lovers
-stoic hero
-enchanted items
-celtic lore
-TWO love stories
-#IsThisAKissingBook: 18+ but pg-13 content. “A taunting kiss.” “She seemed to burn with endless energy, while he was utterly zapped and frozen, as if drunk from their kiss.”

Thank you Harper Voyager for my advanced copy!

🎶 Song: Are You With Me by nilu 🎶

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