The seat filler by sariah wilson

“Can I tell you something I’ve never told anyone else?” “There’s more?” I asked, again trying to be jokey and failing. I wasn’t sure my nervous system could take it. “I like you. Buddy.”

Raise your hand if you are a crash-on-my-couch-and-eat-my-body-weight-in-chocolate kind of person! Raise your hand if you enjoy rolling on the floor laughing! 🙋🏼‍♀️

If you put your hand up, then you MUST read The Seat Filler! Sariah Wilson is one of those authors where you read one of their stories and then you want their entire backlist, PLUS their grocery list. THIS is the rom-com of my dreams! Obsessed with this OTP! Noah is gorgeous, delicious beast of a man. MAJOR swoonage.

@ Noah.

Juliet is HILARIOUS! She is a feisty spitfire! The Seat Filler is a tabbing kind of book. You’ll want to remember your fave scenes and quotes! BUY IT!

“You know, when I said that thing about women falling at my feet, I didn’t mean for it to be an invitation.”

-mentions of Chris Evans x Adam Driver inspo
-an emergency snickers bar
-Los Angeles
-friends to lovers (ahoy, matey! I’m aboard this ship)
-ex military hero turned super celeb
-heroine with mild anxiety/phobia
-winking & banter
-#IsThisAKissingBook: 18+ but pg-13 content. I mean, half the plot is based on kissing…the fear of kissing. “Do you want to kiss me?”…”Very much so. And you?” But let me get you really intrigued… “I hope I kiss better than a dementor.”

🎶 Song: Win Anyway by Walk The Moon 🎶

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