a convenient christmas by jody holford

“Gorgeous, amazing single dad, one-time Grinch, reforms and comes to love Christmas.”

This has holiday movie written all over it! I triple snowflake promise you’ll adore this story! All the cheesy clichés you can imagine! That is my cup of tea, right there!

-sweet as candy canes romance
-small town
-single dad (GQ casual dad)
-grumpy x sunshine
-hope x magic x miracles x happiness
-snow angels x cookies
-holly jolly punch (obvi need this recipe)
-🐧: they close their eyes when they kiss, like humans
-#IsThisAKissingBook: 18+, but pg-13 content. “Can I kiss you under the mistletoe, Abigail?” She nodded, her breath easing out as she went up on tiptoe. “Yes, please.”

If you’re a fan of Hallmark (like me) then you’ll be smitten with A Convenient Christmas! Get it on your shelf asap! Bonus points for a super cutie cover!

🎶 Song: Christmas Time Is Here by Norah Jones 🎶

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