love lettering by kate clayborn

“What I mean to say is . . .” He pauses, those blue eyes searching mine. “What I mean to say is, I think anyone would want to be your friend.” “Even me,” he says, finally. And then he adds, quietly, the most perfect, special fragment, the one I know I’ll be drawing for days and days. “Especially me.”

This is one of those books where my words will not do it justice. This story was stunning! Lyrical. Real. Written with a big, chisel-tip, permanent black marker: I LOVED, LOVE LETTERING!

Reid Sutherland= His face looks like the word swoon. Take-a-photo-and-show-it-to-your-friends-later face. Grumpy? Nah. A little sad? Yeah, maybe. Stoic. Playful. Kind. Protective. Meg Mackworth= The Planner of Park Slope. Sunshine? Yes. Whimsical, buoyant, frolicsome style? Yes. I adore these perfectly, imperfect characters!

My eyeballs turned into giant red hearts so romance readers MUST read Love Lettering. Kate Clayborn’s book will leave a Meg & Reid sized shadow beside you.

-laughing & crying
-new york city’s all caps noise
-hand lettering & wall street
-old timey, sweet, & stoic hero
-a letter quest & number/letter games
-Masterpiece Theatre
-alas, cravats, pistols at dawn.
-bad math jokes
-romantic confrontations
-#IsThisAKissingBook: 18+. “It feels like floating, like being untethered. Like writing without letters. Like counting without numbers. It feels like love.”

🎶 Song: Call Me Lover by Sam Fender 🎶

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