the temporary roomie by sarah adams

“If a partner doesn’t make you want to blow steam out your nostrils, you better start kicking up a storm of something, or your passion is gonna shrivel up faster than a pickle on a sidewalk in summer.”

I DRANK THE KOOL-AID! I adore Sarah Adams and her OTPs! Sarah’s books are, “Light filtering into a desolate, damp cave. The first taste of watermelon in summer. A monarch butterfly landing on your finger.”

There’s something between Jessica (Jessi) Barnes and Andrew (Drew) Marshall. And he’s right, there is something: animosity. Drew is the guy you turn to when everything falls apart, and somehow, he can hold it all together. It’s his decisiveness, his attention to detail, his drive. Move over Zac Efron…I love you Dr. Stuck-Up Marshall.

If you love, love, you NEED these books like you need air. Long live the backwards hat!

-mortal enemies to lovers
-fake dating
-forced proximity
-snowman Christmas mugs. In August.
-dual POV
-Seinfeld reruns
-#IsThisAKissingBook: 18+ but PG-13 content. “If he were an alcohol, he’d be aged bourbon. His kisses are sweet aromatics, his touch is a spice that burns, and his proof is so high I won’t be able to walk a straight line.”

🎶Song: My Heart’s Always Yours by Arkells🎶

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