the nature of witches review

“Paige says I look at you like you’re magic,” I say to him, not caring who hears me. He laughs, and his eyes get teary. He searches my face and touches my skin, and I know that as long as he’s in the world, I want him beside me. “You’re my sun,” I say.

A love letter to earth. Beautiful and atmospheric. Seasonal magic in this stunning poetic story!

The transitional magic of autumn. The aggressive magic of winter. The patient magic of spring. and the intense magic of summer. I was enchanted by it all and I loved Clara’s journey to self-discovery.

Clara and Sang are precious! He’s genuine and caring and supportive. He sees Clara with awe and adoration. Just perfect. The Nature of Witches will capture readers heart with this swoony romance. I cried. What’s new. A single iris for you, Rachel Griffin.

-witches & magic
-black tea & honey
-friends to lovers
-the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter
-#IsThisAKissingBook: 14+ “Kissing him feels like hunger and standing in the rain and falling from the peak of a roller coaster all at once.”

🎶 Song: Let It All Go by Rhodes ft. Birdy 🎶

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