broken french review

“Je suis complètement amoureux de toi.”

Broken French is chef’s kiss. Parfait! I love Mr. Pascale, Xavier, and his white knight complex. My kryptonite. BONUS JONAS: gifts of food, which is basically the fastest route to my heart. AND..Dauphine, the little girl, wormed her way into my heart too. Her letter to Josephine at the end HAD ME IN TEARS. Be still my heart. “This book is a homage to the big beautiful world out there, waiting for us all to get well and safely start exploring again. Until then, we can still dream about oceans, yachts, true love and happily ever afters.”

“Love filled me like a sudden hurricane, as if I’d opened the final window in my soul, swirling through my insides and robbing my breath.”

-grumpy x sunshine
-au pair/employer/employee
-billionaire Frenchman single dad
-yachts & sailing
-baguette sandwiches & sparkling drinks
-the Mediterranean
-#IsThisAKissingBook: “Jamais … ensuite il y a eu toi…tous les bisous”. stupid, big, all-consuming love.

🎶 Song: Canopee by Polo & Pan 🎶

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