the pick-up review

“This weekend is supposed to be fun and simple. Love is messy and complicated and unnecessary.”

#WhenMariMetTJ. Mari and her sister catch a rideshare to a music festival. Mari is sandwiched together in the backseat with buff, six foot tall, TJ, and it’s like a game of twister. Mari and TJ enter the festival together, but get separated, and she forgot to get his number. Oops! Will fate and a viral hashtag #FindTJForMariPleeeeeeease bring them back together? Is it love a first sight? Or a hot summer fling like in a rom-com?The Pick-Up is a really fun story! “A smooth shot of whiskey to my heart!” TJ is, and I quote, “the sweetest cinnamon roll.” He is straight forward and respectful and mature. And dashingly handsome. I like his sense of humor. Readers will FEEL for Mari. I was heartbroken over her family life (tw: divorce). If you like Miranda Kenneally’s YA books, you’ll adore this one too.

-music festivals
-ride sharing
-family dynamics
-YA rom-coms
-love & art
-#IsThisAKissingBook: TJ and Mari’s chemistry is seismic!

Thank you Source Fire Books for an advanced copy!

🎶Song: Glad You Came by The Wanted🎶

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