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“sometimes life gave you a tragedy that burned everything you knew to the ground and changed you completely. But somehow, if you really wanted to, you could learn how to hold your breath as you made your way through the smoke left in its wake, and you could keep going. And sometimes, sometimes, you could grow something beautiful from the ashes that were left behind.”

What’s your fave pop tart flavor? I love smores! Another FIVE ⭐️ read from MZ! No one holds a candle to Rhodes, but Dallas (Dalass- IYKYK) is just as sweet! I am a BIG FAN of MZ. Her epilogues make my heart happy. I delight in watching her OTPs fall in love. I am going to be working my way through her back list. 👏🏼

-princess peach
-friends to lovers
-overprotective grump
-sweet, romantic gestures
-SUPER slow burn 😘
-witty banter
-single parent
-the guy next door
-stress eating pop tarts

🎶 Song: everything i wanted by Billie Eilish 🎶

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